Overview[edit | edit source]

The basic of the kap_uav.lua is to function as an intervalometer. Which means it was written to take a periodically photograph at a user specified interval. It allows a start-up delay (giving a kite or aircraft time to ascend to shooting height) and will either shoot until stopped manually (by pressing the "MENU" key) or until either a user defined number of shots or a user defined time interval has elapsed.

However, is the script is used with a device capable of CHDK USB Remote operation (like a remote switch, uController, servo interface, or flight controller) then much more precise shooting conditions can be utilized.

Notes on Continuous shooting[edit | edit source]

  • ISO
  • camera
  • SD card

USB Control Modes[edit | edit source]

The USB control mode used by the kap_uav.lua script is set with the USB Shot Control ? [ Off ] script user parameter. The different modes are described below.

On/Off mode[edit | edit source]

OnShot mode[edit | edit source]

GntWire Mode[edit | edit source]


Pixhawk Mode[edit | edit source]


  1. USB Shot "Pixhawk"
  2. Camera set to "Continuous"
  3. Shot Interval set to "Burst"
  • RC7_MIN --> 1100
  • RC7_TRIM --> 1100
  • RC7_MAX --> 1900
  • CAM_SERVO_OFF --> 1100
  • CAM_SERVO_ON --> 1900
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