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About me

CHDK ? Well, I've ported the Canon SD940, G10,A1200, G16, and Powershot N from scratch.

I've helped others with their ports - notably the A495, A800, SD1300, several S95 firmware versions, the SD980, the A2200, the A3300, and most recently the IXUS115_ELPH100hs. Probably some more - they tend to blur together - I just call them "the orphans".

I also rewrote the USB Remote code from scratch - released as V2 - to clean up the mess that was there and leave something working, documented and extendable.

I've made a few edits here & there on this wiki. Okay, maybe more than a few.  But probably less than I've posted on the CHDK forum helping people and being helped.

Oh, and I wrote and released CHDK-PT - a tool that means you do not need to use IDA to do a port.

Original Post :

Oct 9, 2010 : So far I've dumped the firmware (rev 1.03C) via Canon BASIC and worked through a dissassembler process. I can build a DISKBOOT.BIN file that loads & runs, I can make the camera LED's flash in the loader code and I can now also make the boot.c coded run. My version of spytask will display the CHDK logo on the LCD display on startup and I have it blinking the orange LED every few seconds, telling me it is still running. I get normal camera functionality except that it still thinks the SD card is locked so I can't take pictures. I've also added code to the spytask to dump a set of debug registers to the LCD to aid in further debugging.

Dec 1, 2010 : menu's now working properly, SD card lock now ignored, and with a little help I've got it so the battery & SD card cover can be open while CHKD starts and runs. Next step is getting the OSD stuff to work properly.

Dec 17 2010 : I think we are ready go BETA. Lots of stuff works and other stuff just needs testing. Good news for SD940 owners.

Feb 13, 2011 : We are now live on both the CHDK and CHDK-DE autobuild servers. Its been a long haul.

update Mar 7 2014 :  "little did I know"

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