Unlimited Interval Shooting[]

Written for/on: Powershot S3 IS
Also works on: S5 IS works : A540 (script can be stopped only by switching off the camera) : A530 works : A2300 works, SD700 works : SD870 works : IXUS 40 works : A430 works, even with Display turned off : SX200IS works

This script was written for times where you need to use your camera for surveillance or for extended astrophotography sessions, etc. This script will run until you interrupt it by any means available. Use with caution! See the documentation below.

Documentation/Help (save as a small "intvl-nolimit.txt" file to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

This interval shooting script will repeat non-stop until you interrupt it by pressing the shutter-button (or exit the <ALT> mode with other button presses). If your camera is hooked up to an AC power-supply DO NOT leave this script running for many hours, days, or weeks as it could damage your camera! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. It will run as long as your batteries last or as much space as you have left available on your SD card.

IMPORTANT: In CHDK versions BEFORE "test1-pre12-xxxx-100a-65" (changeset 149), it has been found that lengthy intervalometer sessions with shutter speeds greater than 1 second (1.3 to 15 seconds) will cause your camera to show an error code or just shut down after 2 to 12 exposures. This has been traced down the noise reduction routine in the camera (whenever you see the "busy" in the viewfinder after a long exposure). Solutions: use shutter-speeds 1-second or faster.

This problem seems to be fixed now in version test1-pre12-xxxx-100a-65 (changeset 149).

Script Code (save as "intvl-nolimit.bas" to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

rem Author - Keoeeit
rem do not run for many hours or days
@title Interval Shooting Non-stop 
@param a Interval (Minutes) 
@default a 0 
@param b Interval (Seconds) 
@default b 5 
@param c Interval (10th Seconds) 
@default c 0 
if t<100 then let t=5000 
print "Interval shooting."
print "Until you interrupt it."
print "Use with caution."
sleep 1000 
goto "shot" 
  print "Shot number", n 
  sleep t 
  goto "shot"