Written for/on: Powershot S3 IS
Also works on: (unknown)

Another novelty script. Do you get tired of that boring all-white flash-light mode where you can use your swiveling LCD display to light your way in the dark? Wouldn't you like a nice orange light on occasion to help preserve your night vision? Okay, orange won't help much, but it's better than all-white for preserving night-vision. Or you could just use the color from the misc Draw Palette mode and select a red color for your light in the LCD, but then that ruins all the fun of this one.

Just make sure you have Red-Eye reduction turned on in your menus, run the script, then lift the flash unit. This works in nearly all modes of the S3 IS camera. Turn it off by pressing the shutter or exiting <ALT> mode.

rem Author ~Keoeeit~
rem Written for S3
rem May work on other S-series cameras

@title Tally Torch
press "shoot_half"
for l=1 to 99999
print "Make sure RedEye is on."
print "Run this script. Lift"
print "Flash-Unit, LED is lit."
sleep 99999
next l
release "shoot_half"

A variation on the "torch" theme, specific to A6xx cams:

@title LED glow: flashlight
rem for A620 (should work across all A6xx models)
rem tested for A570IS
rem continuous beam from the bright amber AF assist LED

rem note: LED does NOT stay lit when Mode Dial
rem          is set to Landscape or Movie mode

press "shoot_half"

print "IF redeye ENABLED"
print "AND flash ENABLED"
print "the AF assist LED"
print "will remain lit"
print "til script interrupted"
sleep 4000

for i=1 to 9999
print i
print "script is running"
sleep 2000
next i

release "shoot_half"