Photo Rations[]

Written for/on: Any Model
Also works on: Any Model
Required CHDK build: Any Build With the FileSpace Remaining Feature

Just a quick and simple script to help you manage your SD card space for extended photo treks. Use the "File Space Remaining" feature to alert you when you've used up your allocated amount of storage space for the day. If you have more than one card don't forget to add in the empty space for those too when inputing your total space remaining! Don't forget to use your zoom toggle to quickly change larger numeric values. It's handy for changing those large mega-byte numbers. Sure there will be days and subjects where you'll have to ignore the low-space warning and keep on shooting! But at least you'll know you're cutting into having enough left for the rest of your photo excursion. The anxiety from the warning will make you more careful on shooting only good ones. :)

Script Code (save as "rations.bas" to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

@title Photo Rations
@param a Days Left for Trek
@default a 14
@param b SD Space Remaining (in MB)
@default b 4000

rem It helps to have the file-space
rem Display in megabytes instead of %
rem So you can instantly see what
rem Value to input for space remaining.

print b/a " MB Allowed Per Day."
print "Set File-Space Threshold"
print "To " b-b/a " MB today!"