rem Author:Sam Ives
rem This will shoot different night exposures.
rem Without having to touch the camera.
rem Made For Powershot S3
rem Use with caution! Read Documentation!
rem Tested On Build: 0.9.8-770 
rem Camera Needs To Be In AV Mode
@title Increasing Intervals HDR Nightshot Script
    rem Script Run Message
    print "NightHDR Exp Shooting."
    rem Time Before Script Starts (Sec*1000)
    sleep 5000 
    rem This Is The Loop For 7 Shots
    for n = 1 to 7
         rem Now we set up our camera values:
         rem values iso: 0 - AutoISO; 1,2,3,4,5 - 50(80),100,200,400,800; -1 - HiISO (where applicable))
         rem values av: 0=2.7, 10=3.2, 11=3.5, 12=4.0, 13=4.5, 14-5.0, 15=5.6, 16=6.3, 17=7.1, 18=8.0
         rem values raw: 1=on 0=off
         set_iso 1
         set_av 14
         set_raw 0
         rem 1 Sec
         if n=1 then let t=0
         rem 15 Sec
         if n=2 then let t=-375
         rem 30 Sec
         if n=3 then let t=-471
         rem 45 Sec
         if n=4 then let t=-527
         rem 1 Min
         if n=5 then let t=-567
         rem 1:30 Min
         if n=6 then let t=-623
         rem 2 Min
         if n=7 then let t=-663
         print "Shot number", n 
         rem Sets our shutter time based on shot #
         set_tv96_direct t 
    next n