Written for/on: Canon A640
Also works on: Other Canon AXXX (Not tested), Canon A590

Interval by Johan Van Barel (

The purpose is to create a set of images taken at a given interval in minutes and seconds. It can be useful for photography of slow moving or changing objects like trees, plants, flowers, planets, weather etc. Later, the images can be used to create a sequence in the form of a movie. For long intervals you should disable the Power Saving options of your camera. This can be done in the <ALT> menu. In the Miscellaneous Stuff menu item set the Disable LCD Off value to Script, so the display won't turn off while in <ALT> mode or while a script is running.

Documentation/Help (save as a small Interval.txt" file to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

Select any mode on your Canon A640


  • Number of Pics (Default=2)
  • Interval (Min) (Default=0)
  • Interval (Sec) (Default=10)
  • Initial Delay (Sec) (Default=1)

Script Code (save as "Interval.bas" to your /CHDK/SCRIPTS/ folder)

rem Johan Van Barel 07-07-2007
rem Interval for Canon A640

@title Interval
@param a Number of Pics
@default a 2
@param b Interval (Min)
@default b 0
@param c Interval (Sec)
@default c 10
@param d Initial Delay (Sec)
@default d 1

if a<2 then let a=2
if b<0 then let b=0
if c<0 then let c=0
if d<0 then let d=0

print "Pics:"; a
print "Total Time:", t*(a-1)/60000; "Min", t*(a-1)%60000/1000; "Sec"

sleep d*1000

print "Pic 1 of", a
for s=2 to a
    print "Wait",b;"Min",c;"Sec"
    sleep t
    print "Pic", s, "of", a
next s