It is important to notify the developers and users of the CHDK Wiki that a commercial publisher has published a book based on the CHDK Wiki. While the contents of the CHDK Wiki are published under the Creative Commons License, some people have expressed concern over whether the content will properly meet the requirements.

The following information is being posted as a public interest. I do not know the publisher, author, have any commercial interest or read the book.


The Canon Camera Hackers Manual

Teach Your Camera New Tricks

Berthold Daum

Publisher: Rocky Nook Inc, 26 West Mission Street, Santa Barbara, CA93101.

ISBN: 978-1-933952-58-1 Price: $29.95

Web Site:

From the Web Site:

The book addresses “geeky” owners of Canon consumer cameras who would like to explore the possibilities of their cameras, and eventually tweak them to do things way beyond their original specifications, such as:

- RAW file (or DNG) support in addition to the camera’s JPEG output - Manual control for aperture, shutter speed, and ISO - Expand shutter speeds way beyond the specification limits - Enable bracketing

The hacks are based on the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK), a free software maintained by a group of enthusiasts. Many scripts are already published on the web. The book teaches how to use existing scripts and how to write new ones.

Canon cameras, especially their consumer lines of PowerShot/IXUS cameras, allow the user to temporarily upload so called add-ons into the camera through the memory card. The next time the camera is switched on, the add-on is active, when the camera is switched off, the camera returns to its original state, so there is no risk of loosing the manufacturer’s warranty.

Target group:

Photographers, Programmers

Author / Authors:

Berthold Daum studied photography in Melbourneand has both exhibited and published his images of Australia's natural beauty.

He also holds a Ph.D in mathematics and is a professional Java and XML developer. Dr. Daum specializes in innovative electronic business technology and electronic content production. His experience in software training and ability to anticipate the needs of professional developers has been demonstrated in his previous books, including Eclipse 2 for Java Developers (Wiley) and Modeling Business Objects with XML Schema (Morgan-Kaufmann).