This page is used to request testing on specific cameras, for cases where a developer has made changes without being able to verify all the affected cameras, or where a potential problem has been identified but not verified.

Test requests should be added in a new ==section==, contain a brief description of the change, the affected CHDK version, the cameras needing testing, and a link to the relevant forum thread. Camera should be removed by developer when results are verified, and the entire request section should be removed once all cameras have been tested.


Testers are encouraged to post in the forum thread, but users who are unwilling to post may post results directly in the wiki section.

G10 platform rewrite, PTP remote capture[]

G10 platform code was re-written, only one 102a tested.

Forum post:

CHDK Version: 1.4, build 4066 and later


  • G10 103b
  • G10 104a

Test needed[]

  • General function: boots, runs, shoots
  • chdkptp remote capture


CHDK Version: 1.4 or later

Forum thread


See the VIDREC column in CameraFeatureTable

Test needed[]

  • Run vidtest.lua and post log file to forum thread