The following cameras do not have official CHDK releases. They are either unfinished, untested, or not all features are stable. If you'd like to help (by testing or completing the port), please join the forum and post into the camera's porting thread.

S1IS 1.02a

ELPH320 HS (IXUS240 HS) 1.00c

A1100 1.00a

ELPH170 (IXUS170) 1.00a

SD970IS (IXUS990IS) 1.00b

ELPH200 IS (IXUS190 IS) 1.00d

ELPH340 HS (IXUS265 HS) 1.00a 1.00c

ELPH360 HS (IXUS285 HS) 1.00b 1.00c

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