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CHDK has to be one of the most innovative improvements to any cameras that has ever come along since the beginning of photography. Started out by some people who only wanted RAW out of their raw-crippled cameras, it has now grown into one of the most adaptable, flexible, and full-featured operating systems of any cameras ever made. I for one am extremely grateful for the work that everyone has put into this arena of discovery, implementation, coding, sharing, and those that provide all the information on these Wiki pages (and elsewhere in the world). I also think that those who have contributed to this great stride in the world of photography deserve a huge vote of thanks. Words cannot express how grateful some of us are to these people. But maybe they can help. Please share yours here.

Post a new comment if you too wish to express your thanks and gratitude for all those that have helped to make CHDK what it is today.

In special consideration, I personally would like to thank:

Vitaly for his initial discoveries into the operating system of these cameras. And being the first to fly the kite across the canyon that allowed everyone else to attach their cables to his kite-line to build the CHDK bridge we see today.

GrAnd, for his amazing implementation of what Vitaly discovered. The main backbone to the CHDK that we have now. Including his efforts for starting this whole Wiki section where we might all learn from them and everyone else.

owenjm, for his initial help and suggestions with so many things (Y-RGB histograms for just one) well as some of his own special builds that greatly improve on some of the original functions.

Harvester, for his HUGE help on the Wiki in so many areas, and helping to find so many errors that some of us made (names omitted to protect the guilty) :-)

[mr.anon], for his outstanding contribution to testing builds, writing and testing a lot of useful (and popular) scripts. For his huge effort on creating articles and topics for this wiki, making suggestions, providing feedback and helping other people through various forums discussions. A note of mention for his "accidental" discovery while testing various builds that these cameras could reach shutter-speeds once thought unattainable before, that discovery now implemented by the more knowledgeable code authors.

MX3, for his remarkable and extraordinary Motion-Detection addition. This one still leaves me in awe.

Fingalo, for his continued effort to supply some much needed improvements and more efficient methods to the uBASIC syntax and fixing problems that show up. As well as providing up-to-date builds with these new features. Most recently his using EWAVR's excellent code to be able to easily increase the shutter speeds not just as low as 65", but now up to a mind-boggling 1/10,000th of a second shutter speed, with flash-sync included!

EWAVR/Zosim, for his extremely useful USB Remote Cable-Release discovery. (Three cheers for this one!) And for helping to make the USB-Remote code available to others. Also for discovering a new method of getting dump of firmware and his continuing effort on porting CHDK to Digic III. Another round of applause for finding a way to beat the 1-gig video limit add 1-99 levels of video compression in two flavors, as well as his remarkable discovery on a way to give all of us 6 new shutter-speeds from 20-65 seconds and high-speed continuous Tv bracketing! His code now being used to include speeds up to 1/10,000th second!

acseven, for providing us with the new and much easier to use CHDK Discussion Forum. Trying to communicate with each other over so many diverse languages, needs, camera models, and interests is a task that I daresay even most corporations can't handle well. His contribution is going to benefit us so much in this effort to only make CHDK more accessible to everyone.

AllBest, a late-comer to the scene but someone who will also be deep in our debt, for providing a CHDK with features that surpass all expectations. His work being a summation of all those that came before him, with his own unique features that aren't found in any other builds so far. AllBest sums it up well, his build includes the best from all builds.

Script Authors, thank you for providing some ready-made examples from which we might learn on our own, or to use your scripts just as they are. Your scripts help make our cameras into some of the most remarkable cameras on the face of this earth. As well as giving us new ideas to use our cameras in ways we hadn't even considered before.

And to the rest of you (that I don't remember at the moment, someone please add them if you do). I think I can safely say that WE ALL appreciate and applaud how much you have done on behalf of advancements in the world of photography.

Last but not least, a special thanks to you Wiki editors, that have documented, compiled, cross-referenced, and tried to make some sense of the overwhelming amount of information from so many areas of the internet, and yet somehow found a way to present it so that most anyone can make full use of CHDK. With special mention to Divalent, a late-comer to the volunteers, for his extensive exploring, testing, and checking of all the Prop_ID values that have heretofore gone undocumented, increasing the usefulness of CHDK even more, as well as his extensive help in keeping updates and additions in check on these Wikia pages. THANK-YOU.

(If any of the above information for names and timeline is wrong, please forgive me and make the above information more accurate. This is what I have seen happen as I started to follow the development of CHDK from early on, but might be in error on some of it.)

A thanks from Divalent

I certainly commend all of the developers of this fine product. The strong interest in CHDK is proof of the value of the their efforts.

Having done analogous development projects in the distant past, I know the complexity of the undertaking. This project has the further complication that it attempts to address a rather diverse set of user applications, although it is probably fair to say that those diverse desired applications are one of the strengths of CHDK.

Recognizing that the developers are doing this on their own time and for no compensation, I am grateful for whatever efforts they continue to make. They have been more than helpful in assisting others in implementing improvements and in extending the camera's it can be used on. If they don't spend another sec further developing this product, that is their right.



Конечно же ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО всем, кто проложил свои знания и умения к созданию такой замечательной, грандиозной, и, не побоюсь этого слова, эпохальной вещи как CHDK. Я видел процесс рождения, взросления, развития прошивки с самого начала, с надписи "Hello world" на экране. И вот сейчас она повзрослела и, распустив крылья, полетела на сотни и тысячи фотоаппаратов. Честно говоря, даже было интереснее следить за новыми возможностями CHDK чем изучать стандартные возможности фотика и технику правильного фотографирования. Как круто было продемонстрировать друзьям и знакомым "А вот что мой Canon может..." Ещё раз спасибо всем активным участникам, желаю Вам сил для дальнейших успехов. Удачи.

Me too

Thanks from Spain

(A630 user)

Me ++

Thanks from Israel (A620 user)

Thanks from Wikia

Thanks to everyone who has contributed content to this wiki. I'm pleased to tell you it was one of Wikia's top 100 wikis by traffic this week. It's the first time a product-related wiki has achieved that! Angela (talk) 05:58, 27 October 2007 (UTC)

Thanks from Brazil (G7 user)

Gostaria de agradecer aos desenvolvedores deste maravilhoso software. O CHDK é um programa extremamente funcional que permite fazer coisas antes inimagináveis com minha G7. Parabéns!

Special thanks to Microfunguy

Thanks to Microfunguy for listening to my suggestions and allowing me the honor and the priveledge of testing the alpha versions of SDM Mx3 and for his special sympathy for the metrically challenged CHDK users.

GrAnd, Mx3, EWAVR/Zosim, and Microfunguy have been no less than the genius pioneers in advancing the art of 3D Stereo Photography a quantum leap in only a short period of time.

Thanks to all other developers, writers, and contributors.

Phillip InDepth

thanks(A570,1.01a user )

thanks(A570,1.01a user)

thanks(A570,1.01a user)

Deepest Thanks to all of you!

Because of chdk and all the people who started it all and those people who are still improving what has been developed, I am not giving away my Canon Powershot A610 even though I bought a Canon Powershot S3IS. And I'm not considering buying any other brand of digicam in the future unless it's CHDK compatible.

I really want to thank all of you guys for bring new life to these digital cameras.

Elmar - Philippines

thanks to all the hackers and programmer who push this to unbelievable hights

i was a former canon a640 user when i came accross the thread in DP about a modified firmware . i was on a big trip in asia and had already be completely addicted by taking pictures . since i had the chdk on my card and found out what i can do with this i got shear crazy ! i woke up at 4 o clock to drive 2h ontop a mountain to make sunrise pictures in HDR or timelapse videos of the awaking clouds from the jungle in northern thailand . i had a beautifull evening on the terrace of a temple while a huge rainwall approached from the mountains into a valley for my first lightning expierience ... this thing made me go out and drive , climb , walk just to get more amazing pictures wich i would never had done if this thing wasnt there .... therefore i have to thank grand and vitaly for starting to roll this stone and all the people who produced some things that helped me to gain ideas and expierience in taking my pictures . sadly the cam (wich already had 2 crashes from 1.5 meter and some dust/sand in the lens) was stolen out of my bag in my 2nd last night in bangkok before i flew back . so next day i just bought the 650is as it was there for a good price . now i face the situation of the people who are waiting for a port or even a dump .... its like an addict who cannot have his drug :D ... but iam quite sure that by time it will happen . i hope this thing will grow more and more to enrich everybodys photo experience .

thanks so much


Thank you!

You have turned my humble little A710 into a tool I can use to build my photographic skills without breaking the bank. Photography brings me great joy, and you help contribute to that joy. The work you have put into this tool, and the spirit of cooperation required to do it are wonderful, and I thank you!

A big thanks to all of you.

Wonderful tools. Wonderful features. I feel like having a brand new camera!

Thanks for making my camera more interesting.

I am completely bowled over. I couldn't believe that my camera had so much power!! If you people have not been offered job by Canon yet .. It is a shame on them!

After all this, I have only one question: Can my camera run Linux ? ;-)

More thanks & encouragement

Even as a new user, the insructions are so well written I was able to follow them easily and I would encourage even beginners to take advantage of these additional features. Thanks to all of you for sharing your hard work. nwcurtis 13:20, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

Tanks a lot

Thank you all, for this great work ... Its unbelievable what you get out of this Cameras. I own a PowerShot 640, and now you show me, that this camera can do much more I ever expect. Thanks... Ps: Would be nice if there ware a nice StoryBoard with the History of the whole CHDK.

A530 Dump

Thank You!

Thanks from Burnaby, British Columbia Canada!

Thanks to all you creative

This Wiki is bout interesting and useful. Thanks to all you who have the knowledge and time to perform such development.

As a DSLR user I could wish someone also invented 120 or even 240 sec metering/controlled exposure times on EOS'es, and crack the autofocus-limitation for lenses slower than f5,6. This will give 2x converters a new life.

Does anyone play similar games with Nikons ? 09:14, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

CHDK is wonderful; it's worth installing just for the full-time battery status information. I have an A620.

Regards, Mike T.

Many thanks from SERBIA

Dear folks,

thank you all for increasing our satisfaction of using Canon's cameras and making our cameras worth more. I hope that your example will be starting spark for other users to contribute and expand this job also to other camera brands.

Best regards, Strela.

By glogin

Thank you from Serbia

Amazing! Astounding! Cool! Insane!

I know there is a great feeling of accomplishment that makes all the hours and the cold pizza and the mountain dew's worth it, but what has been done here goes beyond personal satisfaction. For the special few who are able and willing to utilize the power that has been unleashed here, there is the simultaneous high of knowing what can be done and the stunning revelation of what has been withheld. Although mine, the TX-1, is not yet on the list, I am thrilled that this work has been able to lift the veil on so many others. Sincerest thanks to all those who have put in the time and effort to make this happen. I can only hope that Canon realizes what an advantage this gives them and openly or surreptitiously helps the process.

Thanks to you all!

02:40, 10 March 2008 (UTC)02:40, 10 March 2008 (UTC)



THANKS to all developers and testers!!!!!! We want CHDK for sx100is, help us!!! and... thanks from Kazakhstan. Мы все ждем новых разработок и прошивок для новых камер Canon, спасибо вам и всем тем, кто учавствует в испытаниях. Наша рашша вас незабудет, японцы молодцы, что многим дали возможность совершенствовать совершенство, и это не предел... и, кстати большой рахмет из Казахстана.

Благодаря от България

Благодаря за безвъзмездния труд който полагате


great thx from BY!

Tookeys (G7 user)

Огромное спасибо вам, создателям альтернативных прошивок! Благодаря прошивам G7 прокачивается на ура! Спасибо, творите еще!

a610 user

Thanks from Siberia, ALtay, Biysk city.

A570IS user


Many thanks from Russia за такую меганужную вещь. Респект и уважуха :)

great! 15:28, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

луганск с вами!

премного благодарен вам! теперь фотик - весьма полезная вещица. кстати, маркетологи кенона вам должны быть обязаны, т.к. у меня отпало желание менять мой S3 после появления в нем таких наворотов ;) респект!

Big thank you!

A big thank you to all developers! You made it possible to start using my Canon not only for snapping photos but to enjoy making photographs.

ISO64, Montreal

Thanx a lot

from Russia

Thanks and more POWER to SHOT ,)

You guys turned my humble A540 into a powerful camera. Thanks a lot! Just one request... more update for A540 please. :)

Дякую! Надзвичайно корисна штука. Без CHDK мій S3 був би звичайною попсовою цифромильницею:)

Dmitry SiD Ulyanov

Ребята, огромное вам человеческое СПАСИБО за проделанную работу! Вы значительно расширили границы возможностей фотоаппаратов Canon =) Я и не ожидал, что мой любимчик может так много ;)

THANX!!(Stanislav, s3-user)

Громадное СПАСИБО всем разработчикам!! Из фотоаппарата получился космический корабль.. Фотография доставляет удовольствие, с`ёмка, обработка, печать.. Совершенно не ожидал такого при покупке. Знакомых фанатов Canon уже "проапгрейдил". Удачи во всём!!

из Киева

Спасибо, отличная работа. Кэнон А610 снова в ходу.

Господа программисты! Сразу хочу выразить вам свою благодарность, за ваш нелегкий и черезвычайно полезный труд. Благодаря таким интузиастам как вы, простые ламеры (как я) могут наслаждаться прелестями полнофункциональной техники, приобретенной за разумные средства, на зло хитрым и жадным производителям. Которые в свою очередь исскуственно урезают возможности камер до начального уровня, вынуждая любителей переплачивать за более профессиональную технику. Низкий вам поклон!


Спасибо от пользователя А640. Прошивка сыграла роль при выборе аппарата. Успехов!

Из Донецка (Украина) from Donetsk (Ukraine)

Выражаю огромную благодарность, профессионалам потратившим свое время и средства на разработку столь уникальной утилиты. В наше время не многие занимаются столь полезными вещами. Огромное вам спасибо на таких людях как вы держится общество. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THANK YOU VERY MUTCH! Shooting olympic game whis Canon. THANKS from SOCHI!

I only bought a Powershot because of CHDK. It transforms the buy into budget. Thanks!!

P.S.: Oh Shit! My english is poor!



CHDK Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU guys just by accident i came across that mod/hack. downloaded it, played around with it and LOVED IT!!!!!!!! need to do more reading though. saw the "time lapse" examples. freakin' AWESOME. you made my day complete. can i donate a little pile of cash somewhere? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU guys

keep the good work coming guys

a very very happy Powershot S3 IS owner

Thank you for the excellent improvenment of Canon's cameras. I have A610, just enough for me, but with your extensions it does me happy much more. As I'm a programmer too, especially thank you for the scripting language available now to me. Good work, good luck.

You are the best!!!! thanks to everyone who has made my life a whole lot happier! with CHDK

Thanx !

Thanx !

A million Thanks and MORE POWER!!!

i really appreciate what you've done. you bring out the creativity in all users of your programs. what you did guys is OUTSTANDING! i am really looking forward for you guys to continue what you're doing so that future canon camera users will appreciate your work more.


Thanks guys for your great job!! You improved so much my little A540.

Oleg Krutov, G7 user

Спасибо, мужики! Вы молодцы, кроме шуток :)


Now my humble A540 will perform better than other more expensive cameras and will include more capabilities too! :D Let's just hope than Canon will still allow their future cameras to be hacked this way. So that when it comes time to upgrade or when my camera is broken... I will still be happy. :D

ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ - Thank you

A great thank goes to all contributors of this excellent hack, that gave a new life to our cameras. I believe that such contributions give credits to the internet, as a global idea exchange and reciprocal help forum.

Thanos Baxevanis, Athens, Greece A610 user

Many, many thanks...

You guys keep me amazed. Each day, you come up with new cameras added to your list of dumped firmwares and ported ones. I hope a chdk for my ixus 960is will be released soon. I am very, very eager to try it out with my camera.

Again, thanks for all your hard-work. Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to bring out the creativity in each one of us.


The most thanks !


Thank You!!!

Thanks for the extreme coding you all are doing! I've dumped an SD600 (like so many others, and patiently waiting) but I think I'm going to save up and get an 850. Anyways, great work, the community and industry really appreciate you!

You give me a gift

Hey !!! you give me a gift !!! Don´t you know ? Thanks from Argentina !!!

Great Allbest's CHDKon A650 IS

CHDK is great running on my A650 IS. Thank you for all the contributions. Is it possible for CHDK to make optical zoon possible during video recording and even use H.264 codec to record the movies?



CHDK is the solution for Time-Lapse fans. The built-in intervalometer is ridiculous (1 minute interval and 100 frames), but with CHDK, we can extremely utilize the features of Canon S[235]IS cameras.

Thanks a lot from Hungary.

Gracias por todo!!

Thanks from Chile User 570IS

Thank you!

Thanks to all the developers!

You have created a wonderful thing that makes our cameras much more feature-rich!

Thank you!

Thanks to all the developers!

Very useful program...

Zaporozhye. Ukraine.

Thank you!

We have the A540, the A710IS and the A720IS and we can do so much more with them.

WOW! - Thanks!

I had no idea that CHDK existed before 4/28/08. I am psych'd and blown away by this code and the associated scripts. GREAT JOB!


Thanks from sd630 user in Canada

You've given me a brand new camera and toy! Now I wish my battery had been charged before install. Thanks again, --Ray.

Thanks, You make fantastic things!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!

Спасибо огромное, реально классное что есть еще такие люди как ВЫ!!!!! (Минск)

Thanks in advance.... whoever is working on the SD600!

this is ridiculously cool. wow is all i can say. [pimped out A700 owner]

Thank you from England. Tried, tested & love it on my Canon Digital IXUS60 (SD600). The functions it 'unlocks' are truly worth the 30 mins it took me to get it working.

Thanks from Oman

I was thinking of buying a new camera. Mainly because of the issue that the battery level is not clear. I re-charged my camera too often.

You have saved me the money for the new camera and added a new set of functionality to my Ixus 850.

Thanks Guys

Thank you to everyone who's worked on CHDK (from Wazza)

Thank you to all the people who've spent hours and hours giving us this tremendous gift - I love it!

I have serious respect for firmware hackers - you guys all have brains the size of planets. Firmware hacking is probably one the most difficult reverse-engineering tasks out there, and I'm extremely grateful!

Thanks from a S5IS user

I've no idea what or how you did it but you have my admiration and heartfelt thanks for all the work you have put into this project. I can only dream of the frustrations and sleepless nights you all must have experienced in getting this to work especially when, I'm sure, you have other lives to go to, this was probably the last straw! Anyway MANY MANY THANKS from an admirer.

John B UK

Thanks from HYM

hi first, billions and zillions of thanks to u guys.

I am a S2 Is owner and was planning to buy a new camera, but CHDK saved my money. Excpet for MegaPixels and zoom, i have all the power of an SLR. All thnx to u. Keep up the good job and lets make the world a better place by learning a simple word "Sharing". :)

from Bond

Thank you guys! CHDK helped me map out a stuck pixel on my S5 - even Canon Service failed to fix it!


Thanks to all the developers Very nice program, work well with my cam


thanks, keep it up

cảm ơn!


No imaginé poder hacer tanto con mi cámara. Muchas gracias...

CANON PowerShot A630 Chile

Gracias desde Argentina!

Queridos amigos, realmente el trabajo realizado con CHDK es impresionante!. Soy un ferviente fanático de CHDK y hago todo lo posible (foros, amigos, etc.) para difundirlo.


Gracias!!! Thanks!!!

I decide to buy a A650 IS for reading this pages. I didn´t make a mistake, have marvelous photographs by means of CHDK. Decidí comprar una A650 IS leyendo estas páginas. No me equivoqué, he tomado maravillosas fotos gracias gracias a CHDK.

You Rock! SD600 (100a interval timing, Woo Hoo!)

CHDK developers, porters, script writers, you are great human beings. (SD600 100a, interval timing, no problem!)


se agradece , thaks tengo una powershot A 700 DE SEGURO QUE ME VA A SERVIR MUCHO ESTE FIRMWARE.

Thanks from Argentina

Thank you very much!! Great Work!!

A570IS user from Poland

I have a big fun playing with CHDK. Thanks.

SX100 IS Thanks

Thanks to everyone for this great enhancement


thank you

thank you very very much for this useful "extension"

IXUS 700 on steroids :)

A BIG thank you to all the developers. My IXUS 700 is like a new camera. Lots of new features that i cant live without now that i have gotten used to them.

Greetings From Sweden! //Nickman

CHDK is great but.....

First off, I love your program i think it is great. But I have a Canon SD900, and there is no software! Could you work on that please?

Thanks to all who have contributed in any way to this project.

The primary developers have been named, but there probably are many others involved as well with testing, documentation, and assistance to newbies.

As a former software developer I am quite aware of the amount of mental effort and long hours that go into something like this.

Thanks, everyone.

(S5 user from Canada)


И еще один привет из России. Спасибо!

Thank you very match!!! Ukraine. Canon A530.

Wonderful!! Wonderful!!

You make my day everytime I turn the camera on! Hats off to all who made it possible. A710is and A720is. Maine, USA and Cork, Ireland. Madoleone


Thank you very much you make me re-discover my too automatic camara. Best wishes. J.S. from Spain.

Thank you from Gran Canaria 2 make me rediscover my S2

It is like a kid in a candy store, you can´t believe you can have it all. Just a couple days I read about the 5x hd camcorder Toshiba wants to bring out realy cheap. THE THING MOST INTERESTED ME YOU CAN USE IT AS A SECURITY CAM BECAUSE OF MOTION DETECTION. Yesterday I was reading about the new Panasonic fz28 and how it would compare to the s5 or the new model and I stumbled over chdk. I was amazed how you could teach my old cam new tricks and do things I always wished would be possible (like squeeze more movie onto the sd card without resolution ore fps loss). And one day later I have a ball and have never played so long with my canon not even when she was brand new ( I got one of the first ones with the e firmware ) ... and finaly understanding the script thingy and the motion detection I could make this.



thanks a million guys and if you are ever in my neck of the woods, let´s have a drink.

Gran Canaria

CHDK - Keeping Canon users as Canon users for ever!

I wish to thank you guys to help me choose my new cameras...

CHDK itself made me the only alternative: CHDK Compatible Cameras  ;-)

Keep this amazing work alive!!!

Thank you all!

Fred From São Paulo, Brasil

(S5 & A590 waiting for porting!)

i just want to say that you guys are brilliant. these features and scripts allow me to do stuff with my cameras that i had always wished i could do! thanks to you all.


Thank you to all of you who contribute to the CHDK project. It looks like it isn't yet working on the SD1100, which is on a fedex truck on it's way, but I am excited and grateful to know that it may be some time soon.

Thanks for your contributions, sharing, and time.

Thank you very much! A530 user

Thanks, SX100IS from Argentina

Thanks a lot guys, I was a little sad becouse there was no chdk for my camera, but it was worth the wait. The camera now performs excellent and I am very pleased with the results. THANK YOU!! Ruta9 - Salta, Argentina

Thanks from Romania

My camera is a puny A450, and CHDK helped me get the most out of it. Observing photography parameters and having control over them does more than a thousand manuals/articles.

by dAImon.

Many thanks from an A720 user in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

I wanted to express many thanks for the excellent work on CHDK. I loaded the Allbest build onto my a720 with no problems. Used bootable.exe to make the SD card bootable. Worked first time. Many very nice enhancments / innovations. Love the battery charge indicator. The zoomable video recording is also very nice (too bad microphone picks up the zoom sound, but it's quick and always editable later). I think that CHDK is an amazing work. Thank you!

thanks everyone for this wonderful OS

a640 user, bought this camera as a stepping stone before graduating to a dslr in the future, and i've always wanted to try out the RAW feature which is only available on those dlsrs, but now thanks to these wonderful ppl, i can, and do so much more wif my dear old cam

thanks again, really appreciate it,time to go snap some pics...

No words to say---from Nirjhar

Since I visited this page it proves that how much i am greatful to all the people who develop this software. KUDOS TO ALL.

Thanks from Australia

This project just continues to astound me by getting features I would have never thought of. Thanks so much and I wish you the best of luck for this any any future projects you may or may not work on.

thanks from colombia

i found this site not long ago i was hoping that i could modify mi canon a540 but there wasn't anything at that moment, i came back one week later, and the CHDK had been released for my camera

i didn't know how many hidden stuff was there to be seen, and thanks to you now i'm able to do all that's avaliable.

what i liked the most was the zoom while recording video, it's very usefull

thanks again


You guys are great.

Thanks, especially to the founders Vitaly and GrAND but also to those who took up the banner and extended the range and functionality of Chkd. I encountered it through the Canon user forum on and have since had the happy experience of using the extensions on the A620, A570IS and SD1000. They are much better cameras for them. Having worked in informatics since the 1960s I very much appreciate the skills and dedication shown by all the above people. TONYWIM

thank you, thank you, thank you

When I purchased my A650 IS I knew that I was getting great value for money. CHDK has greatly exploded that ratio. I'm constantly recharging my batteries because I can't put the camera down.... its just too good.

Thank you for bringing my A650 IS much closer to a G9 while at the same time proving me the opportunity to take better photographs. Keep it up.

In summery, you guys rock!


Guys, I can't express enough of my gratitude in words. You rock!!!

CHDK - Great Community - In Fact one of the Geatest !!! . Keep up the good work!!!

Had bought A570 IS and was using it normally.

Until I discovered CHDK !!!

Thanks to it now the camera has become into a SUPER CAMERA !!!

Great Work!!! and Great Features !!!

WOW !!!

God bless you.

Timelapse, Raw image, zooming while recording video, all these are something essential things I wanted in a camera. Thanks to CHDK, I now have it in my A570 IS. My TimeLapse Vid

Laxminarayan from India


I feel like a whole new world opened up. Thanks to all your ingenuity.

A very big thank you!!!!

This is a project I like. CHDK is one reason to buy a Canon.


thx for the A590 port

Hopefully i knew about this project long before choosing which camera to buy.

Thanks to everyone who makes this possible. :-D




Thank you very much for your great work

you're super!

I have an SD700 which would have been replaced by now if it weren't for CHDK. Now I can show others with newer cameras how mine is sooo much better.

FPV and CHDK thanks

i put a canon in a aeromodel with fpv and it take a photos with intervalometer by chdk. thanks to all.

a590 is

thanks, really. very good!

A590 IS

Had the camera for less than a month and discovered CHDK. Excellent project, I thank the contributors and hope to also be able to contribute when I learn more about CHDK. Thankyou All :o)

what can we say more? THANKS! my family uses chdk on 3-4 cameras and all love it...

thanks !

Thanks from Greece. You gave to our cameras a tremendous new value


This is totally sweet.

Only to say - COOOL

So many many tanks for this!!!!

I dont own a Canon- but its nice that we can make FULL use of a digicam

Thanks to all those who made it possible

Thanks you very very much from Argentina

Thank you for expanding my Canon A650 capabilities.

Hacking is the only way to live

You folks have done a great service, learning the internals of someone else's design and providing untapped capabilities. Thank you for your work.

Thanks from Spain (javsaca)

Thanks a lot for your job and effort. This is a great step for these little machines.... (javsaca).

CHDK saves my battery and moment.

Previously, when I have a plan to take a picture by tomorrow, I will always charge my batteries first to ensure that I don't lose the power while I shoot. It's happen since Canon doesn't have battery indicator which always appears on the LCD screen.

By using battery indicator in CHDK, I always know how much the power in my batteries is left. It saves my battery life since I don't have to recharge them too often. I love it! Now, it's no reason to buy another camera. I uses Canon A620.

Thank you very much. CHDK is excellent!

many many thanks, большое спасибо

Thank the development kit,this is very useful, and nice,and user frendly program.Exellent result!!!! And Im don't considering buying any other digicam in the future unless it is CHDK compatible.

I want to thanks for all of you guys for bring new life to these digital camera. S3 IS user,from Hungary


Krisztián from Hungary.

your time is greatly appreciated though im not yet a user

I apreciate all the time you have spent to desighn and improve this I dont as of yet have my power shot I will be using this and its nice to see people coming together as a community for a common goal and sharing it with others thanks sencerly , josh  :>

You turned my a590is into a cool gadget!

Thank you from Moravia, Czech Republic. Jakub


Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo que hacen para que todos nosotros podamos disfrutar de esta increible abanico de nuevas posibilidades con nuestras cámaras Canon. Lector de archivos de textos, metrónomo musical, juegos, números al azar para loterias, disparo remoto, crónometro... Así como hay notebooks, ahora tambien hay netbooks. Podemos decir que CHDK convierte nuestras cámaras en cambooks???

Wow! You Guys Rock!

Thank you so much. This has features I've wanted for so long and features I'd never even thought of. Thank you, thank you thank you!

Many thanks from SERBIA, Beograd-Zemun. VLADIMIR

Merci a tous / Thanks all

Merci pour le super boulot que vous faites. ce doit être un truc de malade mais vous y êtes arrivés. Maintenant nos appareils émerveillent nos copains et collègues, et nous aussi par la même occasion avec de superbes fonctions et une possibilité de retouche sans pareille. Un bordelais heureux, possesseur d'un S3IS CHDKté. Gamaliel

¡muchas gracias¡

Después de quedar maravillado con la fotografia estereografica, vuelvo a sorprenderme por haber encontrado un excelente trabajo del grupo de desarrolladores de CHDK, que ha permitido un firmware, SDM, que nos permita haceer fotos estéreo por un precio muy asequible. ¡Muchas gracias¡ Thanks ¡¡


Thanks VERY MUCH for making really great software! You saved me from buying expensive camera! And there's a lot of features that cannot be found in any other cameras!

Dzięki!!! Thanks again!!

FordPerfect, proud user of A590 from Poland.

Super Piece of software Thanks From INDIA

I would like to thank you guys for the super hack ever. Thank you all for converting my P&S into super cam.

Thanks again

My thanks to all that contribute to this incredible piece of work.

To everyone that contributed to make CHDK the miracle that it is;

Your work has not just re-kindled my interest in photography but has actually helped in treating and solving a medical condition I've been suffering from for 5 months.

Five months ago I became an insomniac. Without going into all the gory details using my A720IS on my tripod running CHDK with the Motion Detection script, I was able to end the mystery my doctors (three different doctors) and many other tests, could not reveal. I am suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). I am now being treated for RLS and have been doing much better.

Thanks to you all and your hard work. You have help resolve something that has baffled the doctors for months.

I now consider all the contributors to CHDK to be honorary doctors. You are all PHd's in my book.

Thanks again,

Sincerely, Gregg


This is one of the very best community projects I've EVER seen. thank you very much all contributing people. And KEEP ON GOING!


Big thanks from Bryansk, Russia!!! It's beautiful work, guys!!! I wish you a success in your difficult work!


I own a Canon G9, I now have the option of 64sec shutter speed, zooming while shooting video, motion detection and so much more. This software has broadened my horizons and allowed a great camera become so much more versatile and fun!!! From Athens-Greece, thank you so much

What Canon camera to buy?

Well... some time ago it was about zoom, IS, etc... Now, it is about CHDK support!

P.S. Big thanks to all CHDK PPL and big thanks to Canon of course :)

谢谢!(Thanks from China)

Thanks from Australia

To all CHDK developers - big thanks from me. I'm in Sydney, Australia - and it's only been because of the CHDK that I have had such an interest in photography and wore out my A530. I have since upgraded to an EOS 400D and take photography to be another one of my hobbies. I now have an SX110is as well since I couldn't do without a "pocketable" camera - unfortunately no CHDK but I have all the confidence that one day, somebody with the right skills will come along and do it.

I had taken photos of water and of the night sky - things that were both severely limited by the original firmware. I am just so surprised at how much more abilities these cameras had up their sleeves. Looking at the Latest DigicIV cameras, I can see that they have taken some of our ideas onboard - live histogram for example, but still, it doesn't come close to the mind-boggling flexibility afforded by CHDK. Kudos to all of you guys - especially for making all that "power" manageable. I know from software design just how hard it can be to present a million different options - I find the CHDK comfortable and easy to use :)

All in all, do have a happy and healthy new year, remember to take breaks! And a million thanks from me!

- Gough (a very happy CHDK user!)

Thanks for CHDK on A590IS

The canon's original firmware does not have a proper battery indicator, only 3 levels. But with the CHDK, i am now able to properly check the battery level.

Thanks CHDK firmware developers.

Thanks for CHDK on A590IS

The canon's original firmware does not have a proper battery indicator, only 3 levels. But with the CHDK, i am now able to properly check the battery level.

Thanks CHDK firmware developers. (from singapore)

Thanks from Rio de Janeiro !!!

Muito Obrigado !!!!!!!! We're using CHDK for Remote Environment Monitoring here at PUC-Rio.

Long live CHDK ! :)

Dado Sutter

Muchas gracias a todos

Muchas gracias a todos por hacer CHDK. Hace unos meses deje atras mi Canon AV-1 y ahora estoy usando CHDK en la G9 y me he enamorado de la fotografìa otra vez.-

thanks from ShadowVlican

been using the SD700IS (IXUS 800IS) since it came out and this piece of technology is getting dated... but thanks to your firmwares and continuing improvements, you have breathed new life into my aging piece! thanks for your hard work and saving my camera from the dust box.. for now ;)

Powershot at full POWER !

Incroyable votre travail ! J'étais sur le point de changer mon A610 pour un G8 ou G7 afin d'avoir accès au RAW. Grâce a votre add-in, plus besoin ! Installé hier sur une CF 2GB, je n'ai pas encore fait le tour de toutes les fonctions mais ce que j'ai déjà découvert me laisse sans voix ! Certaines fonctions n'existent même pas sur les réflex !!!

Avez-vous besoin d'un traducteur pour le français ?



Canon must learn from you guys!

Thanks!!!i have no words...

CHDK - Thanks a Lot

Awesome folks. Brilliant that you have taken the time to extract every ounce of ability from these cameras. Just goes to show what CAN be done when someone puts their minds to it.

Thanks again, much appreciated

..Phil, Perth, Western Australia


Excellent stuff, unlocking all this functionality under GPL. Keep up the good work let take some beautiful shots!

I am sure every excellent picture taken by a camera equipped with CHDK will bless every CHDK guy life's, so let take some beautiful shots!

Cheers, Davoud


Благодарим профессионалов за труд, отличная работа!!!

thanks a million

... to everybody who helped in this cool project! Special thanks also to ewavr and fe50 for helping me getting started! 37Millionen

What can i say?...THANKS!!!!!

CHDK was one reason to buy my A720is, i use it (mainly) to take long exposure shots. And i really happy with all the power it gave to my camera!

thanks! thanks! thanks!

El Endemoniau

Thanks A Lot

Thanks A Lot for you guys for making my PowerShot more Powerfull..

I like it!

A big THANK YOU to all the guys that contributed to CHDK. Thanks you for turning my cam from a thing to use into a thing to discover and have fun with. --Vincence 14:24, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

positive mental attitude

CHDK is at the frontier of discovery, the people who contribute do something no one else in the world has done before but that one person helps all 5 billion because they push the boundary of knowledge forward.

the koolest thing about CHDK!!!

I am a total dumbass with cameras but just love this photo/video graphy thing...Can take great stock with CHDK without looking like a whacko geeky nerdy photographer ( btw i indulge all those perversions in closed confines with my computer) and robbing banks to buy DSLR (they sucj!@#%) equipment...have great results with a ezee PS, that certainly looks oscar worthy..thanks CHDK you guys are the money

Thanks (S3 IS)

Gabor from Hungary.

Thanks for all

Had a Powershot A640 and used CHDK on it a lot. Now I had the wish that the SX10 could be ported, and it seems that it has began.

So thanks for doing these cameras better than they're!

thanks to all people involved

The software that all of you have developed is ingenius. It works flawlessly on my Ixus 860IS. The live histogram is superb and very helpful.



It's much appreciated

I am impressed and grateful for the work behind this project. Thanks guys, you've made my world a little brighter. Bob

Thank you!

waiting for the digic 4 firmware. Thanks!

Thank you everyone!

Thank you so much to all the developers who made CHDK possible. This made me love my Point and Shoot cam more - Canon A710IS, already doing crazy shots like HDR, focus bracketing and time lapse pictures. And to the script writers for us Digic II users thanks! To those Digic III script writers, please include some tips how to convert it to Digic II. :)And to the helpful people in the forums who gave assistance and made effort to share their knowledge about the technical aspects of photography and how my camera works. Thank you. --- Brian @ Flickr

Thank you for all your fantastic work.

All of you who have created this semi-firmware and the scripts to go with it are fantastic! Thanks for all your efforts.

Thank you!

Thank you!

My God it's full of stars!

To the developers, script-writers, wiki and manual writers and the many unsung heroes who provide them with coffee, back-rubs and inspiration: Thanks.

I have added my camera (SX100IS-100b) to the list of those which test OK with libtest.lua. The things I am most thankful for are the battery indicator and the full-featured time-lapse CHDK offers (when I figure it out). I'm also going to hunt out the motion detector script.

I have always known the hardware was capable of more than the firmware allowed it to do (I'm often heard to say "it could be done with a few lines of code"). Thanks to you all I can now write those few lines... but I probably won't have to because somebody has probably beaten me to it.

Best upgrade ever!

From Kharkov (Ukraine) Thanks a lot!!!

Thaks... no...Big Thanks for all people that makeing this woundeful extended software for Canon photocameras (SX 100 IS)

Amazing Piece of Software

Keep up the good work. CHDK is a super useful add-on no matter what camera you're using.


Thanks so much for CHDK, expecially RAW and Ultra intervalometer. RAW together with RAWTherapee enabled me to push the pictures beyond compact camera capabilities. Some of the RAW processed photos have looks of a SLR image dynamic range-wise. And thanks to ultra intervalometer I was able to take long exposure pictures of stars one after eachother and stick them together to make cool picture of star trails - impossible with standard feature set! Thanks a lot once again!

Sincerely THANKS!

Sincerely Thanks to all contributors, developer and all people that have done this spectacular soft-firmware!!!


great initiative

Saint-Petersburg thanks you!

Thank you for your work!

Thanks a TON

Without CHDK my camera was just ordinary, CHdk has added endless possibilities to it. Thank You very Much. Pbjhon

An outstanding work that is changing Canon's compact cameras!

Thank you for your efforts: you're really changing the canon's compact scene. Now, when I have to buy a new camera, I first check the chances of CHDK being developed for it!! And I guess plenty of people is doing so.

Also, it's great that CHDK defeat's the stupid Powershot limitations that have no other reason but marketing decisions (some limitations are indeed technical, but plenty of them are just "political", if you know what I mean). You're helping them (Canon) to overcome their own idiocy, but most important, you're helping the users, real people who enjoy photography.

I discovered CHDK with my S3 IS, later I bought an Ixus 860 IS because there was CHDK available for it... and now that SX10 IS is partially ported, I went ahead and bought one myself too (but I don't have the right firmware version, so I guess I'll have to cross my fingers and wait).

Great work, CHDK team, and keep'em coming!!! THANK YOU.

Большое спасибо! Мы Вас очень любим! asblat

I will quit my day job to keep experimenting with CHDK

CHDK is simply amazing!, it's incredible what a group of motivated people can get done and I want to thank you for give me the chance to use a wider potential of my (relatively) cheap A590.

Thanks a lot!, really. Alex


Many thanks to all!


You are the reason i spend less money for a bigger choice of Cannon cameras. Keep up the good work!!!

ND filter is not ND!?

 Sorry for double post (both ideas and thanks links) , but let me express my gratitude along with opservation about ND filter in my Canon A530, which seems to be just a little bit yellowish!? 
Turning it off gives some more blues / purples and balance, also pretty better sense of space (depth) and general quality. 
 VERY usefull, thanks a lot!
 Now i love this camera even more...

desde Argentina, muchas gracias por el gran trabajo que estan haciendo.


Thank you very much

Photography is more fun thanks to you all.

Everyone I see taking pictures I look to see if they're using a Canon so I can tell them about CHDK.

Thanks so much

I had an A640, it was great to use the chdk, now i'm waiting the firmware for my Powershot G10... Thanks again, it's a very good work !

Огромное спасибо из России!

Оказывается, в моем Ixus70 (кто бы мог подумать!) такая замечательная матрица. Бедный кенон: минус 500 баксов, ибо покупать новую модель я что-то раздумал! :-)

С уважением, Антон Денисенко


Thanks everyone! This is one of the best things I've ever seen. I really appreciate that there are people working to keep it going.


Thanks. Brilliant. Turned my G9 into a reasonable astronomical camera for amateur use. Slow shutter speeds, arpeture control, RAW merge and dark frame subtraction are ideal for this type of work.

A long overdue thank you

Just wanted to add my two cents and say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this awesome project. I have a (relatively) antiquainted S3 but the CHDK base and awesome addons have given me hours of fun experimenting with the various modules and produced a couple of sweet pictures to boot. So a big thank you to everyone involved, the coders, testers, bugfixers and the photographic community as a whole.

Way too cool

To the team -- thanks. This is an awesome idea and tool. Thanks for all the time and effort to put it together and to make it work.

My G7 Loves you guys.

Probably the finest firmware upgrade I've ever loaded onto any piece of electronics. Thanks to the detailed instructions too.

Much thanks to the developers of SX10 1.02b port! Enjoying the new functionality.

I stand in awe!

As an electronics engineer and embedded systems programmer, I stand in awe at what this developer community has achieved! Especially those first few steps - extracting and then disassembling the Canon firmware so that additional code could be loaded to modify a camera's behaviour. Absolutely brilliant!

And the ability to write our own scripts (in good old BASIC - the first programming language I learned [in 1969]!) is just great. Now I can combine two of my hobbies - photography and computers!

From DanielF [a grateful A470 owner (and glad I made the right choice of 'toy' cameras before I even knew of CHDK!)]

A great big THANKS from a Canon PowerShot A620 and S3is user!

I can't thank the great guys behind the CHDK Project enough myself! :-)

Historically I've been a Canon fan since 1982 when I acquired my first film SLR - a Canon AV-1. Back then in Malaysia, the competing Nikon EM was the trend and I wanted something different than the Nikon EM or Olympus OM-10 (anyone still remember those models?). In 1987 I borrowed my younger brother's EOS620 35mm SLR and really liked that camera. Sadly the EOS620 had to be permanently retired as it developed a shutter mechanism problem and the Canon service center couldn't fix it due to lack of spare parts. :-(

When I bought my first digicam in 2004, naturally my choice was the PowerShot A80. Two years later, the Canon PowerShot S2is followed and I upgraded both cameras to a PowerShot A620 and S3is respectively.

I didn't know about CHDK until I flipped through a local camera magazine and read a short article about it. I was excited to find out that both my A620 and S3is were supported and I couldn't believe the features that the developers of CHDK incorporated.

The features that I find most useful are: custom ISO settings, extended shutter speed range, battery life indicator, live histogram (for my A620), enabling of optical zoom for movie modes (A620) and RAW shooting support!

Understandably, Canon purposely didn't put these features into their PowerShot range for marketing reasons. My guess is that they didn't want their PowerShot and IXUS/Digital ELPH cameras to have functions overlapping their EOS dSLR range. With my A620, I use the optical zoom in movie modes sparingly as the zoom mechanism is noisy. Canon purposely disabled optical zoom in their non-USM lens cameras due to noise. Only the USM lenses in the S-series ultrazooms had silent motors that would not be heard in movie clips whenever optical zoom is used.

I recently added an ultracompact Point & Shoot into my digicam arsenal but it's a Sony Cyber-shot W-150. I couldn't find a comparable model in the IXUS/Digital ELPH range that had the features that I wanted (5x optical zoom, wide angle, low noise in the high ISO regions, good battery life and backup optical viewfinder) and within my budget, so I reluctantly settled for the Cyber-shot instead. I didn't choose a Panasonic Lumix as none of the Panasonic compacts had optical viewfinders. I sure miss some of the fancy features found in the DiGIC II cameras (and later), like Color Swap, Color Accent and slow shutter speeds, but I don't foresee myself using an ultracompact for "serious" photo work anyway.

My next camera would be a Canon EOS - either the EOS1000D or the EOS450D. I was tempted to upgrade to the PowerShot SX10is or the SX1is, but they're much bigger and heavier than my present S3is and their tiny sensors can't compete with an APS-C sized sensor in a dSLR. The SX1is' retail price is already in the EOS1000D's territory so I may as well go into dSLRs.

Thanks to CHDK, I've decided not to sell off my PowerShot A620. It's a very good camera to begin with and it's even better with the CHDK installed. The only thing I wished the A620 had is an optical image stabilizer. Canon's last PowerShot with the vari-angle LCD display was the discontinued A650is and this model is unfortunately bulkier and heavier than my A620. The latest SX200is would have been a good candidate to replace my A620 but it lacks an optical viewfinder and has a rather noisy sensor.

I find optical viewfinders useful in extremely bright sunlight and in low light situations where the LCD can't help me frame a subject properly. Some people don't care for optical viewfinders but I do. I can turn off the LCD to extend my camera's power reserve and still take pics.

Great work, fellows! :-)

warm greetings and thanks from Malaysia,

Stratman II.

Thanks for do hacks for the a590 thanks

Thanks from Romania for your works

I wait CHDK for Canon XS10 IS firmware version it's a new one

Thank again

Thank you.

A big thank you for all the developers. Making photo's is a lot of fun with CHDK. I'm learning new possibilities every day.


Fantastic work. Guys are awesome!

thanks from Greece


Thank you!

thanks, you created inside me the interest about photography!!! :D


Thanks from INDIA for wonderful piece of software!!

You are appreciated!!


Thanks a lot!

Great job

better cameras thank to you!

You all improved the life and the performances of my camera with all these wonderful features.

Thank you guys for your great work, I really appreciate.


Thanks a l l you guys

All of you there in chdk did a commendeble job for all of us Canon users.Thanking you again.

s.ghosh From "INDIA"


Thanks for everyone that helped in developing this project! I've been needing a way to use an intervalometer with my canon cameras and this is the way. I cant say enough how much this is helping out my photography. Keep up the great work.

Thank you from Montana USA

An Ixus 850IS happy user

Thanks for this amazing work! I can really use my Ixus beyond every capabilities I could ever thought about. Just a final word: would it be possible to port de +64sec feature on the 850IS as well? Thank you all again!

a software fix form my ixus!

2 days ago, my ixus packed up and got stuck thinking that the card was locked.. the detector had gotten all mangled, and in my attempt to "fix" it by dissasembling it, that bit came off! oh the horror! and my wife looking at me sternly as she can't take pictures of our beautiful baby!

And then i found you guys, and with a simple bit of software, we can ignore that check altogether! The other stuff is all gravy (which i look forward to exploring)..

you guys rock!

An A700 user

Great work! I tried my old camera,(A700). It's awesome! Now Im waiting for the Ixus 100 IS Thanks guys!

Merci beaucoup !

I'm a diver and Canon are probably the leader in making underwater housings for all of their cameras. As you go deeper in water there's less light, but worse, the colour of the light is altered as the red is absorbed. Being able to correct this is therefore important but without RAW format we're limited. A camara offering RAW capture plus an underater housing is a very considerable investment (check out some of the housing prices and be amazed) so your add-on to the much more affordable point-and-shoot cameras is a wonderful gift. Thanks a million.

Hvala Thanks

Tri godine bez problema. Sve najbolje, samo nastavite! Tree years without problem. All the best, keep up the good work!

PowerShoot A610


Читаю с фотоаппарата Гарри Поттера, пользуюсь календарём, гистограммой, индикатором батареи. Скрипты к сожалению не освоил. Очень полезен стал фотоаппарат. Украина, Днепропетровск. A590is 2008 y made Very useful

Thank you

A big thank you to all developers! You made it possible to start using my Canon G7 not only for snapping photos but to enjoy making photographs.

Usuario A620

Gracias, Gracias y mil gracias!!!

Por fin tengo el formato RAW en mi A620.

Dejé de usar mi Powershot A620 cuando me compré mi EOS 450D ya que los JPG no me permitían el mismo nivel de edición que los RAW.

Ahora, gracias a CHDK, mi A620 ha salido del cajón en el que estaba olvidada.

Un saludo a todos.

An incredible piece of software! My PowerShot S3IS HotPixels are finally gone. Thanks!

Since I bought my first Canon PowerShot camera back in 2002, I've had several Canon PowerShot cameras. They all had one common problem, namely those annoying "Hot Pixels" on the CCD-sensor. Every single image was stored with a bright red, green, blue, purple or white dot in the exact same position of the image.

I've contacted Canon several times over the years, suggesting Canon should add a "Hot Pixel"-removal functionality in the firmware of all their camera models. Sadly, Canon choosed to ignore this problem. Even their newest models are still having the "Hot Pixel" issue, and are still missing a "Hot Pixel"-removal functionality.

My photo interest was almost gone because of this. I had nearly given up all hope for a solution.

I desperately searched the net for a workaround, and you don't know how happy I was when I finally found CHDK! This solved all my problems, and my photo enthusiasm was back.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Best regards Jostein (Norway)

Old Days!

 Just wanted to thank the Team at CHDK for their efforts!! .. 

It reminds me of the Old Days when we had Clubs for everything, like Chess, Telescope making, Woodwork etc. ...

with everyone willing to contribute freely of their expertise 

and enable others to pass the skills down the line!

Those days are sadly for the most part have disappeared ...

Its great to see you guys are keeping it alive!!

                     Thanks very much! ............. Clive from Canada.

I am very grateful for all the hard work invested in this fabulous enhancement!

The scripting in particular fascinates me, and I can already see ideas for how it will enable me to do what I had thought impossible. The ability to trip the shutter remotely via the USB interface is another extremely valuable feature. The battery meter is also very helpful. I am sure that I will find many, many other previously unimaginable uses for my warhorse A710 IS, all thanks to CHDK. BRAVO!

A huge Thank You.

You guys are so selfless, that it makes me dizzy just thinking of the time and effort you must have put into developing these CHDKs. It's guys like you who are prepared to work for no wages that make this world go round. My deepest gratitude and love to all of you. You have turned my humble Canon into a formidable high end camera !

Thanks for making this available freely

Just wanted to add my thanks for the excellent work done all you people have done bringing this to world. Your mods have solved a particularly aggravating security problem I've been having with a suspicious character who has been casing our neighborhood. I went through 5 different security cameras, a Sony DV recorder, and 3 webcams trying to come up with a way to capture the license plate of the suspect vehicle. None of the security cameras could resolve the license plate due to the frame rate of the video capture board's 1/30th second refresh rate and the interlace of the camera blurring the plate. Similar slow capture rate with the webcams plus there's not enough focal length on webcams. The CHDK code allowed me to use the high resolution of my SD850IS along with a high enough shutter speed to finally get a decent photo of the license plate. The ability to park the camera and use the motion detect and intervalometer scripts worked great.

Thanks again for the amazing capabilities you people have provided the humble point-and-shoot.



From Italy (A540 user).

Great implementation.

bye :)

From Mexico

New user with A470...

This is awesome!!!!


From Mexico

This is awesome!!!!

New user with A470 (actually, I bought that camera only to use CHDK :D )

Congratz - my G7 alive with CHDK!!! THX!!!

My G7 after 2,5 years of using has taken a new life with CHDK!!! It's something incredible!!! Thanx all of you, guys!!! покупка зеркалки откладывается на позже :)

dnepropetrovsk, ukraine Днепропетровск, Украина


Words cannot express the awesome!

Thank you for everything you've done, and for all the good times we've had, me and my PowerShot friend :)


From Victoria, British Columbia

Very cool project, thanks for sharing.

Thanks from Barueri, São Paulo - Brazil (A590IS user)

Amazing work, guys. Now I can do things that I ever wanted to and I never thought it was possible. Thanks a lot. RWC.

Thanks from Bavaria

Thank you very much for your work and time!

Gracias desde España!. Thanks!

Rosario Sicilia

Istallato da poco sulla mia SX20Is, ancora non so usarlo ma da quello che ho visto è letto che può fare e fenomenale, grazie.


Thanks from Russia

Really intresting thing. Thank you and good luck!


CHDK is awesome. I hope to be able to help out in my free time after I graduate.

Canon SX 130IS

Hi, I am so lucky to have found this site. Thanks for all your hard word, I can't wait for the Canon SX130IS release!!!

Way to go!!!


Благодарствую за Ultra Intervalometer - вещь то что надо. Пришелся как раз ко времени.



A big thank you to all of you!

Complete and accurate explanations, everything works!

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance for porting CHDK into SX240HS.

Thanks from MD, an S2 IS user

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