Ok. There seems to be a form of dump/chdk for virtually every camera on the developer's page EXCEPT this one.

What is so different about the SD960IS that makes it undumpable?

Just askin' - I'm not smart enough to do the development stuff, but I own the camera and would love to CHDK my way into some fun with it!


I'd love too!!!

I would love to make my camera do cool stuff. If someone could start the process, I could help.

Loger recording time

I too have one of these cameras and would like to use the CHDK to record hockey adult hockey games, either an increased recording time is needed (60 minutes) or at the very least a remote trigger is needed. I am happy to help. Let me know what I can do.

Thanks in advance for your effort.

any progress here ???

how come this model is still not supported... it's rather old now, available on the market for years :-( does anybody know what the problem is???

I own this model and would desperately like to take RAW shots with it!