Looking forward for CHDK to support the SD1100 IS :)

can't happen soon enough...

I 3rd the notion!

Me too! Let's get it done!!!

Agreed! Looking forward to it!

I'm also waiting. Please, do it! "German" Cam reports FW "GM 1.01A" 24.01.08

Happy SD1000 waiting until CHDK is released for this cam to buy it.

The 1.01b code doesn't work?

Can't wait to see it happen... "Swiss" version reports "Firmware Ver GM1.01A", 24.01.2008

Me too! "Hungarian" version reports "Firmware Ver GM1.01A | NoError | Jan 24 2008 19:45:59"


  "The SD1100IS do not have multipartition support, only FAT16 formatted cards up to 4GB can be used (2009-01-21)"

Does this mean I can't use my 32GB card i bought with my camera?

  • No - this means: You CAN use CHDK, but only started with the "manual" method (from the Canon menu, with "Firmware Update"), this works with all SDHC cards supported by the camera. For this the card can be formatted in the camera (single FAT32-formatted partition over the whole capacity).
    You can't start CHDK automatically with the "autostart" on your camera with such big cards; for this you'll need a card with a (max.) 4GB sized, FAT16-formatted partition. Fe50 11:23, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

1.01A a "blind" port?

What's a "blind" port, for those of us not versed in the lingo? Does it have any consequences for the build versus the 1.00C version, and should I try downloading an upgrade to that from Canon before running CHDK? 14:13, December 13, 2009 (UTC)

  • No; this means: The CHDK versions 1.01A and 1.01B are exactly the same binaries.
    The differences in the original Canon firmware between 1.01a and 1.01b are marginal, not relevant for the CHDK code. So the development ("porting") takes place in the 1.01a source tree, the makefile / Autobuild Server then copies those files for the 1.01b package. You can download both 1.01a and 1.01b from the Autobuild Server, this is just for convenience - both packages are identical. There's only one side effect: since the 1.01b version is in real 1.01a, on the CHDK boot splash (and the version info page) you'll see 1.01a, although you've installed the 1.01b version.
    There's no difference in the CHDK functionality between the three CHDK versions 1.00C, 1.01A and 1.01B. Fe50 17:24, December 13, 2009 (UTC)