I have an S5 (1.01b firmware), but I'm not well-versed in assembly. If any hackers near Charlottesville, VA (USA) want to get their hands on this model for testing, I might be able to oblige. (I also have a leftover 32 MB CompactFlash card if anyone needs a scratch card for testing.) -- Phyzome 18:19, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

I pressed SET and then DISP. and it returns firmware version Is this Rev. A or B? --

> It's not the good version. Did you create the empty VER.REQ file at the root of your SD card before? See -- Cyril42e

the firm ware loads but does not work. my sd card is Lexar 2GB. Can anybody help

--User:Nccs @ 16-Jun-08 15:54 UTC (left via Special:ProblemReports/10951)

As of version 0.13-1+b2 (the one in debian testing), ufraw already supports S5is raws.

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I have the Powershot 5s with firmfare build 1.01a of May 2007. CHDK loads as evident by the eg. battery indicator now working and ver.req showing the chdk version correctly. BUT the aperture does not extend to f11 and the speeds remain in native range (eg no more than 15 seconds). Can you assist. Remco

  • Set up the overrides you want in the CHDK menu (enter the <Alt> mode with Shortcut or Print, set up what you want & leave <Alt> mode with the same button), read CHDK_firmware_usage. To see the "real" values you should enable the CHDK OSD, the Canon OSD don't know the CHDK overwrites & shows it's own (wrong, when overridden by CHDK) min/max. available settings). Fe50 09:14, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

But there is a PS.FI2[]

Just noting something: Getting CHDK to run at all on a 16GB SD card is quite simple - the builds linked to by this article do in fact contain a PS.FI2, which works "as expected". The article itself is a bit misleading on this point, both claiming that one does not exist and that "extra steps" are required to run it at all (messing with partitions? patching the kernel? My my, what a waste of time). Again, just making note of this discrepancy. I really enjoy taking RAWs with my 16GB SD card on my S5IS 16:32, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

S5 LCD goes White when flipped![]

There is a rather serious issue that remains unfixed in CHDK for canon S5-IS. When the LCD is flipped for self-shooting, it goes white and remains like this. So you cannot see anything, thus you cannot self-shot.

Please, fix this issue if you can, as it is very annoying and it really limits the functions of the camera down.

Thank you!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!![]

Thank you so much for this!!!!

LCD now works perfectly in all positions!

Thank you very very much!!!