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I'll start working on CHDK for A410. Any help appreciated, drop me a line ;)

Comments: []I'm an a410 user. looking forward to a CHDK version for the a410. any chance of increasing video capture frame rate from 20fps to 30fps or better yet 60 fps video? Comments:[] Any news on progress of CHDK firmware for a410 ?

Comments:[] Can I help? Where should I start?

anything new about supporting this Canon camera? I'm not familiar with programming stuff and dumpung/hacking techniq of firmware but I will really appriciete any suggestion how to make my old camery very useful again.. cheers

Hi, currently I'm trying to get the firmware dump but progress is very slow / stalling mainly because of lack of time. Sorry for that... I'll report if I have any news (hopefully soon ;) Claudiu claudiu dot covaci @ gmail dot com

Has anyone managed to get RAW photography on the Powershot A410? Any ideas appreciated! rugrln [at] live [dawt] com

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