Is there any success of runing any code on EOS 350D? I would need some short example to start with - can be used some part of CHDK which will run on 350D? I only have FW update 1.0.3 and can decrypt/encrypt it. But it's dangerous to do mods here I'd rather use loadable module from CD card. RayeR(^)seznam(*)cz

Is anyone actually working on the 350D?

This would be a fantastic camera for this project - I'm sure a lot can be done with it.

Is the 350 XT working?

I was also wondering if there is any one running the CHDK firmware on a Canon Rebel 350D XT?

Runing Smooth !

Thanks for the explanation of how to install the chdk "update". After beeing really afraid of messing too much my little 350D, I made it like the how-to said, using the archived gived, and all is going really smooth.

Just for beeing sure my 350D can run with different CF without beeing able to use the "update", I turned it on with a 1gb CF formated with the own camera, and all gone also smooth.

Now, time to use that 3200 ISO and that Colour Temperature function !!! I'm sure I'll enjoy them both.

Thank you guys, you are awesome for bringing us this modifications !!!

It works !

Great stuff guys ! I dont know anything about chdk programming, but have a suggestion if possible...

Could it be possible to override af-confirmation ? it works when some other non-canon lenses are used via adapters