Any advantage to becoming a full wiki?[]

"Scratchpad is a place to test wiki ideas before you launch a full wiki, and it's a place for small collaborative projects that don't need a whole wiki." IS there any advantage to becoming a full wiki??

and also,
Russel_Sprouts wrote:
> CHDK is BIG NEWS and the userbase is certain to keep growing.
> We need our own an english-language forum, with:
> -- separate threads for each individual script
> -- ability to distribute ready-to-run *.bas files as post attachments
> -- benefit of having the availability of a private messaging system
> There's an established Powershot user forum, running vBulletin, here:
> If someone inquired, I expect the sysop would add a CHDK subforum
> (or even a section, of multiple subforums) for us.
-- Don

Good idea, but .... there's a problem with these holier-than-though privately owned forums. Not saying the one you suggest is like that, never been there before, and going on past experience with other Canon forums, I have no desire to join it either. But other's I've been on the owners have been rude and MOST disrespectful, to say the least. I have gone out of my way to help many many people on one forum with CHDK related issues, then the owner chastised me for dealing with an idiot that was becoming a pest and a stalker, so I tried to delete all MY posts that were of great benefit to everyone to show him that I wouldn't put up with being abused like that. What did the owner do? Banned my account then he reinstated ALL MY POSTS that I WROTE, stealing my hard work for his own gain! No thanks. I have no intentions of helping self-serving people that are like that. You might want to start a USENET group though, where others cannot access your posts or claim them as their own. If you do it in the alt. hierarchy then you could even add attachments to your posts. But creating a usenet group and have it propagate to all the servers can take months. Plus not many people even know how to even access them let alone use them. Best bet is this Wiki, and the discussion pages used as a forum, just as you are using it now. Keoeeit 02:25, 20 June 2007 (UTC)