Field of view calculator[]

I would be very helpful when shooting mosaic series if the camera would tell you the vertical and horizontal field of view in degrees when zoom is adjusted. This will tell the photographer how much adjustment in the camera's angle between shots is needed. HighInBC 17:37, 16 June 2007 (UTC)

I think this could just as easily be done with a quick script. Just enter <ALT> mode and press the shutter button. The script could read the zoom setting with a get_zoom x command and print back the H/V FOV. Then just exit <ALT> mode to take your image. It's just an extra key-press or two to get it this way. The display is sorta cluttered already if you enable ALL the elements possible. Care to write one and submit it to the pages? I wonder how it could be done. I recall GrAnd was having a problem with the DOF calcs, in that the S-series there was a problem with the zoom number 0-128 wasn't linear. Might almost have to test it by photographing a scale at each zoom step and working the math backward for true FOV.
I like this idea, as OSD or script, either way. But as I said, with so many things already available to display in the viewfinder ... if this (or others like it) were done, there'd need to be a way to toggle them on or off, being able to toggle-off parts of earlier OSD elements to make room for new ones. Keoeeit 01:30, 20 June 2007 (UTC)

The zoom values from 1-128 on the s3 IS do indeed seem to describe curve for the field of view. I will make a script that takes a picture at every zoom level and then run see if I can see a pattern. I could easily make a bezier curve to look it up on, but the .bas mathematics are very limited and not suited to rendering curves. If all else fails I could just make a 128 element lookup table. As for the feature cluttering the display, I was thinking it could replace focal length when activated. Another thought I just had is that if the focal length(so like 14.2mm instead a number from 1-128) itself was known to the script it would be easy to calculate the FOV based on the sensor size. HighInBC 14:15, 20 June 2007 (UTC)