You can use focus bracketing to increase the DOF (depth of field) of a photo. This is especially useful for macros, because often the DOF is so shallow that large parts of the picture will be blurred. Just load your pictures into CombineZM (freeware), click "Macro>Do Stack" and they will be combined into one photo with large depth of field.

The following photos were combined into one image with a large DOF. As you can see there is a problem on the picture with the three Kinder Surpise figures: There is an unsharp halo around the ears of the mouse. This is because the distance between the mouse and the background was too large: When the background was in focus, the ears of the mouse became bigger and blurry and so they concealed the background. I should have taken another photo without the figures - just the background.
Another problem (not to be seen here) is shooting trees, grass etc. on a windy day. A little bit movement is okay, but too much movement will cause "double pictures".


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