Powershot SD900 (North America / outside Europe) / IXUS 900 Ti (Europe) / IXY Digital 1000 (Japan)


CHDK is available for the IXUS 900Ti / SD900 with firmware version 1.00C from the download page


Technical data[]

Image Processor: DIGIC III
Image Sensor: 10 MP, 10.40 million effective pixels, 1/1.8-inch CCD type
OS: VxWorks operating system v5.5
Lens: 3x optical zoom, 7.7-23.1 mm, F/2.8 - F/4.9 (35mm film equivalent: 37-111 mm)
Display: 2.5 inch TFT, 207,000 pixels
Storage: SD / SDHC / MMC
Power: NB-5L Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 230 shots LCD on / 700 shots LCD off / 360 min. playback time (CIPA), optional AC adapter ACK-DC30
Dimensions: 3.59 x 2.35 x 1.11 inch (91.2 x 59.6 x 28.2 mm), Weight: 165g (5.82 oz.) (camera body only)
Release Date: 2006

Firmware Information[]

In order to display version information on the Camera, follow Ver.req

  1. Create two empty files called ver.req and vers.req in the root directory of the SD memory card with a computer.
  2. Insert the card into the camera.
  3. Select camera mode playback.
  4. Switch camera on by pressing ON/OFF.
  5. Press and hold FUNC/SET and press DISP, you will see Firmware info page 1.
  6. Repeat step 5 to see page 2 (available only if you created vers.req at step 1).
  7. Repeat step 5 to see page 3 (available only if you created vers.req at step 1).

Page 1: (SD900)[]

Canon PowerShot SD900
P-ID:3115   NT

Firmware Ver GM1.00C
No error
Jul 24 2006   18:57:34

Page 1: (IXUS 900)[]

P-ID:3115   PAL

Firmware Ver GM1.00C
No error
Jul 24 2006   18:57:34

Page 2[]

P-ID: 3115   PAL

Adj. Vers.006.000

Page 3[]

Here you will find some camera statistics like Total Shoot counter.

P-ID: 3115   PAL

Adj. Vers.006.000 
Total Shoot  :9723
Open Shutter :0
Close Shutter:0

For Developers[]

Camera is very similar to IXUS850IS / SD800IS.

  • SD900 has no IS
  • different addresses (of course)
  • different Key Layout
  • different Image Sensor
  • P-ID: 3115
  • uses Digic II Propery Case

LED addresses[]

Address LED
0xC02200C0 AF-beam
0xC02200C4 Blue
0xC02200C8 Orange
0xC02200CC Green
0xC02200D0 Yellow
0xC02200D8 Power (Green)

Firmware Dumps[]

The firmware can be dumped with CardTricks using VxWorks 1 option, or look at Porting the CHDK (udumper).

  • firmware dump for fw 1.00C (full 8MB, dumped by pixeldoc with cBasic udumper)

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

Firmware Info[]

'ROM start address' and 'Loading address' is 0xFF810000 . (Canon A-Series: 0xFFC00000 ; S-, SD-, and G- Series: 0xFF810000)

CHDK Releases[]

  • 24-Oct-2010: the SD900 sources are in the official trunk now, the Autobuild Server delivers the latest binaries.
  • The latest CHDK beta version for the IXUS 900Ti / PowerShot SD900 with fw version 1.00C is available from here: forum link