PowerShot SD450 DIGITAL ELPH / DIGITAL IXUS 55 / IXY DIGITAL 60[edit | edit source]

The Powershot Digital ELPH SD450, known in Europe as the Digital IXUS 55 and in Japan as the IXY Digital 60 is a 5.0 megapixel compact camera that runs the DigiC II image processor chip and VxWorks operating system.


CHDK is available for the Ixus 55 (SD450) with firmwares 1.00b, 1.00c and 1.00d from the Download page

  • This camera does not support SDHC, so cards larger than 4gb cannot be used. Multipartition is not supported

Reviews and Specifications[edit | edit source]

Firmware Version[edit | edit source]


Firmware Ver GM1.00B
No error
Aug 3 2005   13:53:21

For Developers[edit | edit source]

General Information[edit | edit source]

NOTE: If your scripts hang on SD450, try going through the script and changing



click "shoot_full"

Source: [1]. If you think this text doesn't belong here, go ahead and move it or reformat or whatever, but please keep this info on this page because it's very important to know if you're rocking an SD450. -Yakov

Camera ID for pakwif[edit | edit source]

30ff hex = 12543 decimal
01000000 hex = 16777216 decimal = version


pakwif PS.FIR DISKBOOT.BIN 12543 16777216

LED addresses[edit | edit source]

# define LED_PWR	0xc02200E8
# define LED_GREEN 	0xc02200D8
# define LED_RED 	0xc02200DC
# define LED_YELLOW 	0xc02200E0
# define LED_BLUE 	0xc02200E4
# define LED_AF_RED 	0xc02200EC

Firmware Dumps[edit | edit source]


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

Version 1.00B will be extracted using the "standard" Blinker method. I used a standard phototransistor and basically the following circuit:

Active Soundcard Firmware Blinking Receiver

Old/Outdated[edit | edit source]

I was not able to decode the signal without errors using the fastest transfer speed. Therefore I had to change the blinker FW to the slower speed seetings. Using the AF LED I was then able to get a clean signal. I repeated the procedure twice to verifiy that the results are ok and obtained the following dump:

Repeating the procedure for another Ixus 55 with firmware version 1.00c resulted in the following dump:

  • The dumps are available from the chdkdumps drop archive.

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

Beta version of CHDK port for fw 1.00B[edit | edit source]

The following code contains the next beta version of the CHDK port for the Ixus 55:

(link removed)

I compiled this version on a Mac running OS X 10.4 using the ARM toolchain from here

Now everything seems to work more or less, especially Raw-capture as well.

I opened up a corresponding discussion thread at the CHDK forum here.

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