Canon IXUS SD40 / i7 Zoom / IXY DIGITAL L4 Edit

The Ixus i7Zoom (Europe) / Powershot SD40 (North America) / IXY Digital L4 (Japan) is a 7.0 MP compact camera, released in September 2006.


Ixus i7Zoom SD40 - Lens extended

Canon Model: PC1205

Version informationEdit

Created ver.req, then pressed FUNCSET and Flashsimultaneously:

Canon DIGITAL IXUS i7 zoom

P-ID:3137 PAL

Firmware Ver GM1.00G
adj ver. 007.001

vers.req also works. Cam likes *.fir files.

Firmware Dump Edit


OS: VxWorks5.5

Ixus i7Zoom SD40-2

Ixus i7Zoom SD40 back view.

Information from strings in PRIMARY.BIN

Jul 26 2006
Firmware Version 1.00
Firmware Ver GM1.00G 

CHDK is not yet available for this camera, ROM has been dumped, and some work has been done.

Porting thread for this camera.

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