The Canon PowerShot S95 was released on August 19'th, 2010


CHDK is available for the S95 with firmware versions 1.00E, 1.00H, 1.00I and 1.00K from the download page

PowerShot S95 200w tcm88-767892

Canon PowerShot S95


Technical Data[]

*Digic IV image processor
*DryOS operating system
Sensor: 10.0 MP 1/1.7" CCD type
Lens: 3.8x optical zoom, 28-105 (35mm equiv)
ISO Range: 80 - 3200 (12800 in low-light mode, reduced size)
Aperture: F/2.0 (wide angle) to F/4.9 (full zoom)
Shutter speed: 1/1600 to 15" sec (manufacturer)
Display: 3.0" fixed LCD
High Definition (HD ready) Movie recording: 1280x720 @24 fps
Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMCplus, HC MMCplus
Size: 100 x 58 x 29mm
Weight: 170g, 193g with battery

  • 'Rapid Burst Trick':
In burst/continuous mode, the highest speed is always reached when Mode Dial is set to "M" (~2.5fps).
Burst/continuous in other Mode Dial may hardly reach 1 fps if light is too low.

Firmware info[]

The ver.req file method (create two empty text files named ver.req and vers.req in the root of the sd card) is used to gather firmware information about this camera model.

Power off Camera. Press PLAY. Thereafter holding down FUNCSET then press DISP:

European PAL Version Header

Canon PowerShot S95
P-ID:3212 PAL D

Version 1.00E

Firmware Ver GM1.00E (
Adj. Ver.008.003
Build 24 July
Mecha Firm Ver. 2.18

CHDK specialities[]

Sensor size:       3744 x 2784
Jpeg size:         3648 x 2736
Active zone x1,y1: 64, 22
Active zone x2,y2: 3728, 2782
Black level:       127
White level:       4095
Mosaic type:       Red,Green Green,Blue
Bits per unit:     12 bit
Illuminant:        D65
Multiplicator:     1.0 1.0 1.0
Color matrix (from DCRAW): 1.3440 -0.5896 -0.1279 -0.1236 0.9598 0.1931 -0.0180 -0.1001 0.4651

For Developers[]

Mode dial propcase values[]

The mode dial position can be read from the value of propcase #49 and #50. The following values were similar to #49 and #50. 2 seconds are required when turning the dial mode wheel

Mode Submode Value
Auto - -32768
P - -32764
Tv - -32765
Av - -32766
M - -32767
C - -32769
Video - 2614
LowlLight - -32735
SCN Portrait 16399
SCN Landscape 16398
SCN Kids&Pets 16402
SCN SmartShutter 16937
SCN SuperVivid 16934
SCN Poster effet 16935
SCN Color Accent 16925
SCN Color Swap 16926
SCN HDR 16942
SCN Nostalgia 16933
SCN Fish eye 16939
SCN Miniature 16940
SCN Beach 16407
SCN Under Water 16409
SCN Foliage 16405
SCN Snow 16406
SCN FireWorks 16408
SCN Stich assist 16908

LED addresses[]

Green:  0xC0220130
Red:    0xC0220134
AF:     0xC0223030

Firmware dumps[]

  • Firmware version 1.00E (8MB full dump by waldo, dumped with cBasic udumper): zShare link, also available from chdkdumps part3 & the dumps backup repository.
  • Firmware version 1.00H (8MB full dump by wbloos, dumped with cBasic udumper): zShare link, also available from the dumps backup repository.
  • Firmware version 1.00I (8MB full dump by nvioli, dumped with cBasic udumper): zShare link, also available from the dumps backup repository.

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

Porting process[]