Dual partitions are only required when using cards larger than 4G in cameras released prior to 2011. The use of the STICK : Simple Tool for Installing CHDK utility to create dual partition CHDK cards is recommended over the method described on this page.

This page describes a method of setting up a bootable partition on an SDHC card and installing CHDK.   Complete information about configuring an SD card for use with CHDK can be found on the CHDK Wiki : Prepare your SD card page.

Install or unzip unzip the following pieces of software

Steps to configure the SD Card

  1. Format the SD card using your camera to wipe card clean of any/all partitions
    • Make sure you've checked Low-level format
  2. Insert your SD card into your PC's card reader
  3. Launch Partition Wizard
  4. Delete the primary FAT32 partition on card (entire card should be formated as FAT32)
    • note: Partition Wizard does not perform actions until you click the Apply button
  5. Create new Primary 16 MB FAT partition (will be a FAT12 filesystem)
  6. Format remaining unallocated space as a Primary FAT32 partition
    • Ignore warning that windows only able to see first partition. We'll deal with that later.
    • You can quit Partition Wizard now
  7. Run CardTricks
  8. Select card (16 MB partition should be only thing visible/mounted)
  9. Click "Make Bootable" button
    • You can quit CardTricks now
  10. Copy "DISKBOOT.BIN" file from chosen CHDK build to your card
  11. Open a command prompt with Administrator privileges.
  12. Navigate to where you unziped
  13. Determine what drive number the card reader is.
    • Once you've determined what number is your SD Card Continue to the next step
    • Method 1: count the number of drives shown under Computer in Explorer (example: drive C: = 0, drive D: = 1, drive F: card reader = 2)
    • Method 2: run: "mbrfix /drive X driveinfo" where X is the drive you want to look at.
  14. type: "mbrfix /drive X /partition 1 setpartitiontype 0"
    • Where X is the drive number of the card reader
    • You can now quit CMD
    • This sets the 16 MB partition as unknown and thus invisible to Windows
    • To revert this change you can run "mbrfix /drive X /partition 1 setpartitiontype 1"
  15. Remove card from reader
  16. Insert card into reader.
    • The second partition should should now becomes visible (same drive letter)
  17. Copy CHDK folder in CHDK zip file (if applicable) to the card
  18. Create a new folder on card named "DCIM"
  19. Create a new folder in /DCIM named "100CANON"
  20. Remove card from reader
  21. Lock the card
  22. Put card in camera and turn on. Camera should boot up and show CHDK splash screen.

If camera says "Card Locked" then something above was not done correctly. Repeat procedure carefully.