The standard language of the CHDK firmware is English (or German, for the CHDKDE builds), but it has a multi-language interface now. Here is how you can change your language:

  • open one of the following links and copy the language text file (the text in the large grey box).
  • use a text editor like Notepad to make a new textfile, paste the language text into it and name the file {nameofthelanguage}.lng
  • make a new folder called LANG in the CHDK directory of your SD card
  • copy your .lng file into the LANG folder.
  • Go to CHDK main menu>CHDK Settings>Menu settings->Language & Fonts and choose your .lng file and the appropriate codepage.

Please note that the built-in font supports many codepages (=many different national characters (éèîäüß)), but there are few RBF fonts with other codepages than Win1251(Cyrillic). If you have chosen a RBF font but want to switch back to the original built-in font, just choose an "illegal" RBF font (Try to load a uBASIC script as a RBF font, for example). Tutorial how to make RBF fonts.


Some language files are already included in the "full" download packages from the Download page,
they are also available directly from the CHDK SVN repository.


NOTE the list below is very obsolete

How to add a language[]

If you want to help translating the CHDK into your language, you can do so here: Start a new wiki page for your language, copy the english.lng in there and put some <pre> </pre> tags around it because it is preformatted text. Now you can start your translation.
Note: // is a commentary, \n is a line break.

Post the translated file in the forum

If there is no appropriate codepage for a particular language it can be added easily. Grand just needs the info to map of unicode characters to single byte, like this.