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  • (2008 09 27) SX110 dumped (Forum link)
  • (2008 09 14) Allbest & JuciPhoX finally joined forces! Read more about it here (this will update during the next days)
  • (2008 09 09) Some EOS 40D breakthroughs, movie mode possible. Example movie and more information on the 40D page.
  • (2008 09 02) SX100 IS with Firmware 1.00b is finally ported and in the Autobuild tree!
  • (2008 08 22) SD1100IS (fw 100c) chdk-allbest: first alpha build available (Forum link)
  • (2008 08 10) SD770IS dumped (Forum link)
  • (2008 08 08) A590IS dumped (Forum link)
  • (2008 08 08) CHDK for IXUS 750 (SD550) (Firmwares 1.0F & 1.0G) available as Autobuild
  • (2008 08 06) CHDK for IXUS 960IS (SD950) available in latest (experimental) "Juciphox branch" Autobuild
  • (2008 08 04) Autobuild for new experimental "Juciphox branch" now available - now with Thermometer!
  • (2008 07 19) additional NTSC SD550 dumped
  • (2008 07 15) A420 dumped and waiting for contributors.
  • (2008 07 10) SX100 IS is finally ported!
  • (2008 06 06) SD400 (IXUS 50) is finally ported!
  • (2008 06 06) SD600 porting is now available in beta
  • (2008 05 27) CHDK on Hack A Day
  • (2008 05 22) Some kind of roadmap for chdk has been created, vote on features: link
  • (2008 05 09) CHDK on XatakaFoto (Spanish)
  • (2008 05 08) additional NTSC SD550 dumped
  • (2008 05 08) CHDK on Photojojo
  • (2008 05 07) CHDK on Lifehacker - again ;)
  • (2008 04 21) SD30 dumped
  • (2008 04 16) New version of the Spanish language file for the AllBest Build #50.Spanish2
  • (2008 04 12) A430 dumped
  • (2008 04 10) A450 officially ported
  • (2008 04 10) For all creatives of you, we`ve created a little competition to show you how multi-faceted CHDK can be. Be invited to join in and send us your (fantastic????) results. (Of course, guests are also invited). Have Fun! (in German)
  • (2008 04 09) SD600 dumped
  • (2008 04 09) New version of the Slovak language file for the AllBest Build #50
  • (2008 04 08) SD750 dumped
  • (2008 04 08) S5IS is finally ported!
  • (2008 04 07) CHDK on Wired and Lifehacker
  • (2008 04 07) AllBest Czech language Build 49
  • (2008 04 07) AllBest french language Build 50
  • (2008 04 06) AllBest Italian language NOW available!
  • (2008 04 06) SD550 dumped
  • (2008 04 03) New Motion/Lightning Detection and Motion Detection Video scripts for the Canon A640 optimized for the AllBest build (other scripts also revised and updated) Scripts for Canon A640.
  • (2008 03 27) Allbest Build #48 released, available on the new Experimental Releases "AutoBuild" download area. Added RAW & MB space left w customizable warning limits, 12/24 clock w seconds, Customizable AutoISO, Custom User Menu, Zoom w Video for cameras without, etc. See Build 48 History for full list.
  • (2008 03 15) TX-1 IDA Labels List [1] for quick comparison to similar routines in other cameras.
  • (2008 03 12) TX-1 Firmware Dumped [2]
  • (2008 03 09) 'StereoData Maker' version 1.50 released See note about GPL Licensing Violation
  • This section is in a scrolling pane for a long time now, there is no need to edit it for brevity anymore. All old news back to day-one should be reinstated so that people can use this as a time-line, as well as seeing some of the amazing new things that CHDK can do at a glance. Not to mention all the valuable links that are getting lost when editing this section. (to the editor that is truncating this section: remove this comment after you have read it)

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