HD camcorder based on the HV20, the HV30 offers some physical body improvements as well as a new shooting mode "30p" or (30 fps, true progressive).

Hardware Edit

  • Fujitsu MB8AA101, which includes
    • FR71 32bit RISC processor
  • Toshiba TMP19A64F20 (almost certainly), which includes
    • Toshiba TX19A MIPS-derivative core, fully MIPS32 and MIPS16e compliant, with additional support for MIPS16e-TX extensions.

No other hardware info about the HV30 is known.

HV10 Edit

The HV10 is the first generation of the HV series, and may be similar to the HV30. PCB pictures are available [1] [2].

There's a white plug that is accessible through a utility panel hidden by the battery when the camera is assembled. The HF10/100 has it as well.

  • SST34HF324G ComboMemory - integrates a 2M x16 CMOS flash memory bank with 256K x16 CMOS SRAM memory bank in a multi-chip package (MCP) [3]
  • 2x ELPIDAtwn S2532EE-75-E 32mb SDRAM [4]
  • Spansion 016d70 Stacked Multi-Chip Product (MCP) Flash Memory and RAM (16 Megabit (1 M x 16-bit) CMOS 3.0 Volt-only Flash Memory and 2 Megabit (128K x 16-bit) Static RAM/Pseudo Static RAM)
  • Fujitsu 39A102 (unknown)
  • Fujitsu MB44C006 (unknown)
  • Fujitsu MB87Q121 (unknown)
  • 24.576Mhz xtal reference (sawtooth gen)
  • Fujitsu MB87Q1211 may be the main processor [5] [6] (CPU/DSP section of the datasheet lists ARM9, ARM7TDM)
  • Fujitsu MB87M4771 (unknown)

Documentation & Software Edit

  • firmware update file decrypter/encrypter (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [7]
  • firmware update file bitmap browser (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [8]
  • Toshiba TX19A processor extension plugin source code for IDA Pro 5.2 (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [9]

Things to do Edit

Analyzing the differences in firmware between the HV20 and HV30 would be a very good start, since the interior hardware appears identical between the two camcorders, and the firmware versions should be identical apart from the new 30p mode.

Firmware Edit

See HV30 Firmware Analysis

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