HD camcorder based on the HV20, the HV30 offers some physical body improvements as well as a new shooting mode "30p" or (30 fps, true progressive).


  • Fujitsu MB8AA101, which includes
    • FR71 32bit RISC processor
  • Toshiba TMP19A64F20 (almost certainly), which includes
    • Toshiba TX19A MIPS-derivative core, fully MIPS32 and MIPS16e compliant, with additional support for MIPS16e-TX extensions.

No other hardware info about the HV30 is known.


The HV10 is the first generation of the HV series, and may be similar to the HV30. PCB pictures are available [1] [2].

There's a white plug that is accessible through a utility panel hidden by the battery when the camera is assembled. The HF10/100 has it as well.

  • SST34HF324G ComboMemory - integrates a 2M x16 CMOS flash memory bank with 256K x16 CMOS SRAM memory bank in a multi-chip package (MCP) [3]
  • 2x ELPIDAtwn S2532EE-75-E 32mb SDRAM [4]
  • Spansion 016d70 Stacked Multi-Chip Product (MCP) Flash Memory and RAM (16 Megabit (1 M x 16-bit) CMOS 3.0 Volt-only Flash Memory and 2 Megabit (128K x 16-bit) Static RAM/Pseudo Static RAM)
  • Fujitsu 39A102 (unknown)
  • Fujitsu MB44C006 (unknown)
  • Fujitsu MB87Q121 (unknown)
  • 24.576Mhz xtal reference (sawtooth gen)
  • Fujitsu MB87Q1211 may be the main processor [5] [6] (CPU/DSP section of the datasheet lists ARM9, ARM7TDM)
  • Fujitsu MB87M4771 (unknown)

Documentation & Software[]

  • firmware update file decrypter/encrypter (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [7]
  • firmware update file bitmap browser (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [8]
  • Toshiba TX19A processor extension plugin source code for IDA Pro 5.2 (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [9]

Things to do[]

Analyzing the differences in firmware between the HV20 and HV30 would be a very good start, since the interior hardware appears identical between the two camcorders, and the firmware versions should be identical apart from the new 30p mode.


See HV30 Firmware Analysis