This HDV camcorder was released in January 2007, and has become a very popular tool for indie filmmakers because of it's ability to record in "true 24p" or 24 progressive frames per second, the film standard. wikipedia article

Attempts are currently (summer 2008) underway to get the camera to recognize a firmware file stored on the SD card. The most promising route is to examine a firmware for a similar camera. A firmware update is available for the similar HF10/HF100 (AVCHD stored on a memory card). For the firmware analysis details, see HF10/100 Firmware Analysis. has an active user-base for questions/answers, and owners to test with the device itself. There is a firmware hack thread at

Where and how to get the firmware and a serial number (for a similar model HV30):

Getting the firmware version[]

Slide the switch to Card mode (not Tape mode), and P mode (not Auto mode). Power on in playback mode while Pressing PHOTO and REC buttons simultaneously:

## ##

appears. The numbers on the second row are different for different people. Some reports are "00 00" "00 06" "C0 00" "C0 02" and "00 04".

When connected over Firewire, HV20 bought in Canada identifies itself as "HV20", while HV20 bought in Japan identifies itself as "iVIS HV20" Camera that reports "iVIS HV20" also reports "00 02" in the second row when displaying firmware version (Version 09:50, 28 July 2008 (UTC)zcream

New information[]

It appears the file name the HV20 expects for firmware updates is "VDEn.FIM", the internal firmware string is "VDEX", and the two-bytes check code is 0x1C25