The HF10/HF100 is an AVCHD camcorder (saves footage to a SD card in AVCHD format, compared to the HV20 and HV30 which save to mini DV tapes in HDV format)

For the firmware analysis details, see HF10/100 Firmware Analysis.

Hardware Edit

ICs Edit

  • Fujitsu MB86H51 Full HD H.264 Codec [1]
  • Xilinx 3S250E FPGA [2]
  • Silicon Storage Technology SST39VF1601 16Mbit Multi-Purpose Flash Plus [4]
  • Hynix HY5MS7B6BLFP-6E-C 512Mbit MOBILE DDR SDRAM [5]
  • Digic DV II MB8AA1150
  • Samsung K4M28323PH-HG75 128Mbit Mobile-SDRAM [6]
  • Fujitsu MSC1007 SD/SDHC-ATA Bridge LSI [7]
  • Renesas R8A34016ABG
  • NXP TDA9983B/8 HDMI Transmitter [8]


  • AKM AK4567VQ
  • Fujitsu MB87S1192
  • 1616RBA JPN 5SI 752001
  • NXP ??5C 0702
  • D163 0811K
  • 1230 8 802 75
  • 058 0808 7LGI
  • BH9972 8E74
  • H2228 8F20
  • DH4-2170-000 5CC9G 7AE5 0812HAL 535806 JAPAN
  • DH4-2164-00 D807 A043
  • VHC74 F7 52

PCB scans are available in the forums as well [9] There's a white plug that is accessible through a panel hidden by the battery, similar to the HV10.

Documentation & Software Edit

  • firmware update file decrypter/encrypter (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [10]
  • firmware update file bitmap browser (you need to sign in the forum to see the file) [11]
  • M32R windows emulator [12]
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