Collection of documentations using GNU/GPL tools for binary blobs analyses

I'm using free Software so the IDA is not an option for me to disassemble firmware. Also the demo versions of IDA are not sufficient for arm ... however, the time bomb version can eat elf packaged raw binaries ;)

Any comments are welcome! post here

Category GPL[]

  • Add to all a shell script, adds lines in source file to target file in all CHDK
  • perl script, makes a better job ;)
  • add stubs_entry.S information to disassemble
  • format disassemble to gas format
  • extracts FI2 keys from files disassembled with
  • Replaces sub_xxxx calls in boot.c, capt_seq.c and movie_rec with the coresponding task names found in stubs_entry.S. A perfect stubs_entry.S generated by finsig is required.