PowerShot G7[edit | edit source]

The Canon PowerShot G7 is a 10.0 megapixel digital camera.


CHDK is available for the Powershot G7 with firmware versions 1.00E, 1.00G, 1.00I and 1.00J from the Download page

Powershot G7 Front

Powershot G7 Back

Reviews and Specifications[edit | edit source]

Technical Data[edit | edit source]

Image processor:Digic III
Release date:September 2006
Sensor CCD size:10 MP 1/1.8"
Lens (35mm equiv) zoom35-210, 6x
LCD size2.5" fixed
Size (mm)106 x 72 x 43
Weight (body)380 g


Although the G7 has a DigiC III image processor it uses the Digic II properties (e.g in scripts) !

Full keyname list for G7 from source code (for scripting, G7 have some special keys):

KEY_UP,           "up"         
KEY_DOWN,         "down"       
KEY_LEFT,         "left"       
KEY_RIGHT,        "right"      
KEY_SET,          "set"        
KEY_SHOOT_HALF,   "shoot_half" 
KEY_SHOOT_FULL,   "shoot_full" 
KEY_ZOOM_IN,      "zoom_in"    
KEY_ZOOM_OUT,     "zoom_out"   
KEY_MENU,         "menu"       
KEY_DISPLAY,      "display"    
KEY_PRINT,        "print"      
KEY_ERASE,        "erase"      
KEY_ISO,          "iso"        
KEY_FLASH,        "flash"      
KEY_MF,           "mf"         
KEY_MACRO,        "macro"      
KEY_VIDEO,        "video"      
KEY_TIMER,        "timer"      
KEY_EXPO_CORR,    "expo_corr"  
KEY_MICROPHONE,   "fe"         
0xFF,             "remote"     
0xFFFF,           "no_key"

For Developers[edit | edit source]

Firmware dumps[edit | edit source]


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

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