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First post, let me know if I'm in the wrong place, ok?

I'd like to find a way around the 1Gb or 1 Hr-limit imposed on the movie mode of the S3. Is there a way to use scripting to let the camera record until either one or the other limit is reached and then let it pick up the recording on another file (and so on... especially if you have a 4GB+ card)?

I've seen scripts that run a video intervalometer which I will try in the meanwhile...

I think that's going to be your best bet for now. Using the CHDK's with the extended video limits (see this section of the Downloads Page), and then adjusting a timed script to record as much as possible to come near either limit (time or size), then stop video and restart it. You will have to test what compression settings and audio recording settings you are using and adjust the time accordingly in a script. There MIGHT be a get_prop command that might work. I've not checked into this yet. Check and watch the Property Cases page and the ongoing discussion that Divalent started on researching the prop-case ID values on the tutorial discussion page. If you found a prop_ID that changed when video ended, you could monitor that in a script and restart video recording.
Check out Fingalo's Builds, as he has the get_prop command for scripting as well as added in EWAVR's extended video modes in his latest releases.