The Canon Powershot ELPH 520 HS (IXUS 500 HS in europe) was released in January 2012


CHDK is not available for the ELPH520 / IXUS500 yet.


Technical DataEdit

→ Camera Specifications: [1] Canon USA

  • DIGIC V image processor with iSAPS technology
  • DryOS operating system

Sensor: 16.8 MP, 1/3" (4.8 x 3.6 mm) BSI-CMOS type, 10.1 effective pixels

Firmware info Edit

CHDK SpecialtiesEdit

For DevelopersEdit

General infoEdit

  • ROM start address: FF000000

LED addressesEdit

This turns the light on[2]:

 Poke8(0xC0220020, 0x46)
 Poke8(0xC022C0CC, 0x46)

This turns the light off:

 Poke8(0xC0220020, 0x44)
 Poke8(0xC022C0CC, 0x44)

Firmware dumpsEdit

  • Firmware 1.00D, by Dclaar (full 16M dump, dumped with cBasic udumper

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

  • Firmware 1.00E, by Fenom1341 (full 16M dump, dumped with Universal Dumper)
  • 1.00E

Porting process & linksEdit

IXUS 500 HS - ELPH 520 Porting Thread

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