All the features of the different builds are now combined together in ONE BUILD simply called CHDK

  • The details of developer changes can be found in:
CHDK Project Changelog

The following is incredibly ancient history, preserved for the benefit of future civilizations[]

AllBest Build 51[]

  • + added remote USB for A560

AllBest Build 50[]

Added support of the following cameras:[]

  • & A450


  • Fixed Fixed PowerShot SD850 IS freezing

AllBest Build 49[]

Hot fix for build 48:

  • + Fixed error in Custom AutoIso mode
  • + Now "Custom AutoIso" is accessible in any flash mode except auto flash mode.
  • - Menu entry "IS Factor (Tv*factor)" was excluded for cameras without IS.

Please reload version Build 48

AllBest Build 48[]

Added support of the following cameras:[]

  • & ixus850 (sd800)
  • & ixus860_sd870 - 100c
  • & Ixus950_sd850 - 100c
  • & ixus55_sd450 - 100c, 100b
  • & ixus65_sd630 - 100a
  • & ixus70_sd1000 - 100c
  • & a460 - 100d
  • & a530 - 100a
  • & A540 - 100b
  • & A550 - 100c

Grand changes:[]

  • + Much of work with new camera code implementation in main trunc.
  • + Source code refinement.
  • + Fixed GUI bug with 64s override.

EWAVR changes:[]

  • + Added multipartition support for A560, A570.
  • + A720: fixed bug in keyboard in playback mode.
  • + Added OPTICAL ZOOM IN VIDEO (except A650, A720, IXUS65).
  • + A650: added DataGhost's multipartition boot engine.
  • + Now OSD output in review mode (after shoot) can be turned off fully or partially for a650.

fingalo changes:[]

  • + Aded user menu.
  • + Added user menu option for instant display on ALT.
  • + Added remote control for ixus700_sd500.

PhyrePhoX changes:[]

  • + Wontollas Disk Space Icon.
  • + Horizontal/vertical Space Bar.
  • + Setting of Size of Space Bar (now real full screen without safety pixel substractions).
  • + OSD Clock now with Seconds (togglable).
  • + In record mode, when you half-press shoot button, now most icons (battery,filespace,raw status...) disappear.
  • + Updated english & german.lang file.
  • + Width/height of spacebar now togglable (between about 7 ("canvas" is about 6 pixels, so the actual minimum information bar can be set to ONE pixel, almost too small) pixels and 17 pixels, check it out).
  • + New Warning thresholds introduced, you can choose between threshold in MB and Percent.
  • + New RAW Counter threshold, you can set it so that the RAW counter blinks when for example under 10. Previous setting was hardcoded to 1. Also changed: No "Warning" String anymore, just blinking between warning color and OSD color.
  • + Raw Counter now enabled by default.
  • + New get statements available in ubasic: get_disk_size, get_free_disk_space - returns values in KB. you can build scripts now which stop when specific disk limit exceeded, for example.Divide by 1024 to have an "easier" calculation.
  • + Get_jpg_count and get_raw_count ubasic commands.
  • + Added new color: file space icon BACKGROUND (easier reading with a dark transparent background).
  • + Adjustable behaviour of clock in time of half press shutter button.
  • + Added new clock submenu.
  • + Switch between 12/24h format of clock with adjustable day-night indicator.

mkmenuts changes:[]

  • + Custom AutoIso feature.
  • + Additional submenu entry "Custom Auto Iso" in parent menu "Extra photo operation".
  • + "Minimal Shutter speed". Possible to choose fixed values or "Auto" type of value (default and recommended).
  • + "User Factor (1/FL/factor)" - applicable to the case when "Minimal Shutter speed" parameter is in "Auto" state.
  • + "IS Factor (Tv*factor)"- applicable to the case when "Minimal Shutter speed" parameter is in "Auto" state as above.
  • + "Max ISO HI (x10)" - Maximal ISO value for given camera in ISO HI mode.There is a need to set maximum REAL Iso value for given camera (or lesser value from user point of view). You can see real ISO value in miscellaneous values (it is necessary to toggle this item in "miscellaneous values" CHDK submenu). For example choose ISO 800 via Canon menu. Next half press Shutter button. Now you can see "real" ISO value that corresponds to "market" ISO 800. This value will be limit ISO in calculation when camera in Hi ISO mode.
  • + "Max ISO AUTO (x10)" Corresponding value for Auto ISO mode.
  • + "Min ISO (x10)" - Minimal "Real" ISO value for given camera (you can recieve it by experiments or set this value at your option).

stevetm2 changes:[]

  • + Added adjustable zoom scale (for converters).
  • + Fixed: negative values of EFL for a650.
  • + Added "raw" and "filespace" submenus in "OSD parameters" parent menu.
  • + Small menu rearranging.

AllBest Build 37[]

  • + Added indication of free file space (text indicator and icon indicator).
  • + Added indication of row shoot remain (separate indicator).
  • - Because of this indication of raw state was deleted from states window
  • + With a view of optimization of displaying info indication of under(over)exposure was moved to histogram window because it is dependable on histogram state.
  • + Added ability to see renewing miscellaneous values in Video mode.
  • + Added ability to choose overrode shutter speed from "1/3 Ev step" set of values.

AllBest Build 34[]

  • + Added multipartition support for s3is, A630, A640.
  • + Added partitioning feature for A710, G7, S3IS, A630, A640.
  • + Added RGB zebra (experimental).
  • + Added ability to draw grids for histogram with corresponding key (""Histogram->Show Histo Ev Grid").
  • + Added shut_down script command - shut down camera controlled.
  • + motion detection optimization was implemented: Motion Detection too slow?
  • + Increased number of used-definable parameters in script to 26.
  • + Added ability to set ND-filter for next set of cameras: a560, a570, g7, ixus700_sd500, ixus70_sd1000, ixus800_sd700, a710 (deeply tested for Ixus800_sd700).This ability replaces aperture override menu entry for Ixus and a560 camera set. For all others from above-mentioned list it is an experimental feature. New menu entry: "Extra Photo Operations->ND filter state" for this set of cameras.
  • + Added new basic command "set_nd_filter". It can be executed with next set of parameters: 0-> off, 1->ND filter In, 2 -> ND filter Out. This command works for above-mentioned set of cameras.
  • + Pseudo MF-mode for IXUS and a560 model set (thanks to nirschi!) was improved.
  • + It was took into account that IXUS camera set has no aperture range (except of those alterations that due to focal length changes).
  • + Changed hot keys to set focus to infinity and to hyperfocal distance (in aims of optimization for IXUSES pseudo manual focus mode and for the ability to set raw mode when in ALT mode and in MF mode).
  • Fixed I hope that correct value of av will be displayed in miscellaneous values for ixus70_sd1000 ixus700_sd500 now.
  • Fixed Set to Hyperfocal now works correctly in Av and M modes.
  • Fixed Basic command get_user_av96 returns correct value now.
  • Fixed Occasionally arising strings 'FACTOR:...' in ALT+ MF modes.

AllBest Build 31[]

Added support of the following cameras(Ewavr, jef666 and others):[]

  • & a720 1.00c
  • & IXUS70/SD1000 1.02A, 1.01B
  • & A650IS 1.00D
  • & G7 1.00E
  • & IXUS800 1.00B


  • + Removing all CHDK output from screen when "shoot_half" and "disp" pressed.
  • + Added second FAT32 partition support and partition swap feature for G7/A710.
  • + Configurable <alt> button for G.
  • + Fixed bug with record review mode for A630.
  • + Added remote function for a570, G7, ixus800_sd70.
  • + Capability to see subject distance from front surface of lens (useful for macro). Corresponding menu key added (DOF Calculator->Subject distance from lens).
  • + In Alt menu mode with manual focus now there is additional function to set focus to the infinity or to hyperfocal distance by shortcut key. To enter in MF mode for ixus & a560 cameras necessary to set override subject distance factor.
  • + Experimental CHDK manual focus mode for the Ixus Cameras and a560 cameras was realized.
  • + Now override engine works inside script environment but script engine has priority under override engine. For example if in the script is used command "set_av96", than override setting for av will be ignored.
  • + Capability to show histogram in real time without need to half press shutter button (for cameras on which motion detection engine works) (See "Show live histogram" menu entry).
  • + Additional key "Shoot" for menu entry "Show misc values" to show misc. values only at half press of shutter button.
  • + Additional menu entry “ Clear Bracket Values on Start”.
  • + Now possible for some cameras to set overriding focus distance in any mode (not only in MF). Exception: a610, a620, a630, a640, S3… May be some other models. This statement is equitable for basic command “set focus”.
  • Fixed Camera refocusing in Zoom video script.
  • Fixed ISO operations for next set of cameras: a570, a560, a720, ixus70_sd1000.

AllBest Build 16[]

  • Fixed Small patch in bad pixels patching (for RAW).
  • Fixed Camera hangs up during operation with focus distance in alt-mode when flash is turned on ("flash on" mode).
  • + Added additional level of compatibility with different camera models. For example now property cases of 560 is the same as 570's.
  • - Excluded not functional menu items for SD (ixus) and a560 cameras