Initially Created -- (May 15, 2012)


Much of the information on this page is old & obsolete. The use of the STICK utility to configure CHDK for your SD card is recommended over the method described on this page.

This guide was based off the canon powershot s100.

It might work for other cameras but,

if it does not work for your camera visit

Prepare your SD card for more help and info.

Step 1

Download and run camera version 1.3 to get camera version.
(ACID is good too by the way....I have both )


Camera Version 1.3





This one hangs for a bit sometimes

when you try to use it

Step 2

Browse your computer and then Open a picture taken with your

camera with the program to get your camera version number.

Step 3

Locate and download correct CHDK version from:


S100 trunk

Step 4

Unzip the files on your computer.

Sd reader small

SD card reader

'For the next' few

'steps you need' an

SD card reader

step 5

make your sd card bootable
(I used EOScard 1.2, can be found here or here

(Press refresh, click on chdk, then hit save, and your done)


EOScard 1.2

Step 6

Place CHDK files on the root of the SD card.


SD card root

Step 7

Lock the card by sliding the small switch and place the SD card in the camera.

Lock small small

SD card Lock switch

Step 8


To start CHDK in play mode:

Press and hold the play button until the CHDK logo appears.

  • while in play mode half press shutter takes you to shooting mode.


To start CHDK in Shooting mode (does not work on all cameras):

Press and hold on/off button until the CHDK logo appears.

  • while in shooting mode press and hold the play button to go to play mode
20120515 220935


Step 9

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these were not taken with s100

they were taken using CHDK though

Droplets Experiment with Canon S5 IS in RAW mode

chdk photo

Winterly Sunrise in Garden

chdk photo