Listed below are some links to help you navigate the CHDK wikia and forum. Please feel free to follow the links and/or add any useful content you may have.

First Steps[]

Prepare Your SD Card Determining the firmware version in your camera.
STICK : Simple Tool for Installing CHDK for Windows, OSX and Linux ACID : Automatic Camera Identifier and Downloader
Create Dual Partition SD cards WASP - Windows App for Swapping Partitions
Problems installing CHDK with a Mac computer CHIMP - Canon Hack Installation and Management Platform

Common Beginners Questions[]

My camera isn't ported yet How can I update the original Canon firmware?
Getting a camera with a supported firmware version Can CHDK damage your camera ?
Camera failures suspected to be caused by CHDK

Manuals and Documentation[]

CHDK User Manual CHDK in Brief
CHDK User Quick Start Guide CHDK Frequently Asked Questions
CHDK Dummies Guide CHDK Firmware Usage
CHDK Installation Guide One Page Users Guide

PC Software[]

PC Software for use with CHDK Image Stacking Software

RAW & DNG Images[]

CHDK Wiki Page about RAW CHDK & RAW - a never ending story (Beginners read here please)
CHDK Wiki Page about Raw Software CHDK Forum Board for RAW
How do you fix lens distortion with CHDK RAW files? Decoding CHDK RAW images from a new cameras
Tools : rawconvert.c DNG4PS2 : RAW to DNG conversion


General Information[]

CHDK Scripting Cross Reference Page CHDK User Written Scripts
CHDK-DE Lua Script List CHDK-DE uBASIC Script List
Property Case Reference Guide Event Procedures Reference Guide
Manual Exposure Control Manual Focus and Subject Distance Overrides
Script Shooting Hooks


Drivelapse Battery Intervalometer
Ultimate Intervalometer Autoexposure Intervalometer
Meteor Intervalometer with dark frame management other Intervalometer scripts

Motion Detection[]

Motion Detection Documentation Motion Detect Plus
Fudgey's Lightning Script **Updated Version** Fudgey's Lightning Script
Birding with CHDK more Motion Detection Scripts

USB Remote[]

USB Remote V2

Book Scanners[]

Instructables : DIY High Speed Book Scanner Forum Tread

Bracketing & HDR[]

HDR Fast Shooter Script Make any Single-Shot Intervalometer into an HDR-Bracketing Script
Bracketing in Continuous Mode more Bracketing and HDR Scripts
DOF Stacking How-To Panoramic HDR
Technical Aspects of Stacking Macro Images

Aerial Photography ( Kite, Balloon, UAV )[]

KAP, UAV & Balloon Exposure Control Script Balloon Mapping

Astro Photography[]

Meteor Intervalometer with Dark Frame management DSLR Astrophotography
Constructing a Barn-Door Tracker Barn Door Tracker built with Lego parts
Beginner Astrophotography Starry Sky Animator
Image Stacking Software Dark Frame Removal
Basic astrophotography image processing in GIMP

High Speed Photography[]

High Speed Shutter & Flash Sync

PTP & Multiple Camera Rigs[]

PTP Extension Multiple Cameras using CHDK

For Developers[]

Main Wikia Page for Developers Frame Buffers
CHDK SVN source code browser Camera Feature Table

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

Other Useful CHDK Links[]

CHDK's User Defined Menu

Scripts for Taking Continuous Video

Understanding CHDK & Canon ISO values

Camera & Image Processing Association List of Standards

More links - CHDK German Forum

Doug Kerr's APEX Article

CHDK GPS manual

Dummy Battery #1

Dummy Battery #2

Dummy Battery 3D Printed