WARNING : The CardTricks utility is obsolete. It may not correctly install the current version of CHDK. It is also not recommended use with cameras released after 2010 or with SD cards bigger than 4Gb. The most recent documentation about SD card preparation for use with CHDK can always be found at this link> Prepare Your SD Card

  • Start Cardtricks, select your card reader with a click to the SD card symbol

Cardtricks Installation 01 Cardtricks Installation 02

  • Use Show to make sure whether the right device is selected

Cardtricks Installation 03

  • Maybe you want to format the memory card first - you can use the Format as FAT button:

Cardtricks Installation 04


CAUTION: This deletes ALL DATA from your card ! Backup your files first !

  • If you want to start CHDK everytime you power on your camera (autoboot), use the Make Bootable button to write the bootable identification string to the SD card.

Cardtricks Installation 05

  • Now click Download CHDK to open the download page, this will start your system's standard browser:

Cardtricks Installation 06

Search for your camera and the correct firmware version, download the package (.zip file) and store it to your hard disc.

Cardtricks Installation 07

  • Check [x]Overwrite to make sure that older files on your memory card gets overwritten

Cardtricks Installation 08

  • Use the CHDK -> Card button, select the .zip file you've downloaded in the last step...

Cardtricks Installation 09 Cardtricks Installation 10

Cardtricks Installation 11
  • Now the CHDK installation package gets unziped to your card, this takes some seconds...
  • Your SD card is now ready to use with CHDK, Cardtricks can be closed with Exit (or press Esc) or the ESC key
  • Remove the memory card from your card reader
  • To use the Autoboot startup method you must LOCK the SD card (move the little plastic slider toward the middle of the card)
  • Insert the card into your camera
  • CHDK now can be started either manually with the 'Firmware Update' item from the Canon menu or with the Autoboot function.