PowerShot A700 Edit

Following the example of the A700 page, everything that might be useful for a port of CHDK to A700 should be posted here.

Canon-powershot-a700 front

Powershot A700 Front


Powershot A700 Back

Reviews and Specifications Edit

Firmware info Edit

As usual, the ver.req file works as well in this model. It shows the following:

Canon PowerShot A700
P-ID:3117 PAL

Firmware Ver GM1.00B
Jan 12 2006 15:31:55

Pressing DISP returns:

Adj Ver.002.015
2006.10.14 13:59:25

For developers Edit

Firmware dumps Edit


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

LED addresses Edit

#define LED_BLUE 0xc0220084
#define LED_1 0xc0220088
#define LED_2 0xc022008c
#define LED_3 0xc0220090
#define LED_4 0xc0220094

Some code Edit

Blue-LED firmware blinker: download from, password is WDdfsDFRT3@*sd

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