PowerShot A540 Edit


CHDK is available for the A540 with firmware version 1.00b from the Download page

Canon PowerShot A540

Reviews and Specifications Edit

Technical Data Edit

  • Digic II image processor
  • VxWorks operating system
  • Sensor: 6 MP, 1/2.5-inch CCD type
  • Lens: 5.8 (W) - 23.2 (T) mm (35 mm film equivalent: 35 - 140 mm), F/2.6 (W) - F/5.5 (T)
  • Optical viewfinder
  • Display: 2.5 inch TFT, approx. 85,000 pixels
  • Storage: SD & MMC - no SDHC support !
  • Power: 2x AA size batteries
  • Dimensions: 90.4 x 64.0 x 43.2 mm (3.56 x 2.52 x 1.70 in.), Weight: 180 g (6.35 oz.) without batteries

Firmware info Edit

  • The trick with the ver.req file works well on the A540.

Pressing SET and DISP button shows the following screen:

Canon PowerShot A540

Firmware Ver GM1.00B
No error
Jan 31 2006 11:02:45

Pressing SET and DISP button again results in:

Canon PowerShot A540
P-ID:311B  PAL

Adj Ver.002.002
  • The vers.req file works, too.
  • Pressing SET and DISP button a third time results in:
Canon PowerShot A540
P-ID:311B  PAL

Adj Ver.002.002
Total Shoot  :xxxx
Open Shutter :0
Close Shutter:0

The number P-ID:331B is a hexadecimal code for the platform version id. Note that the platform ID is almost the same as the S3 IS model: 311B vs 311A. Platform codes for other models can be looked up under P-ID.

For developersEdit

LED addressesEdit

0xc0220074 Triggers flash!
0xc0220080 AF
0xc0220084 Print button
0xc0220088 Orange, upper left of viewfinder
0xc022008c Green, upper left of viewfinder
0xc0220090 Yellow, lower left of viewfinder
0xc0220094 Power

Firmware dumpsEdit


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

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