PowerShot A470[]


CHDK is available for the A470 with firmware version 1.00E, 1.01A, 1.01B and 1.02C as BETA version from the Download page

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20080123 loRes a470 gray front

Powershot A470 Front

20080123 loRes a470 back

Powershot A470 Back

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Technical data[]

  • Sensor: 7.1 Megapixel, 1/2.5-inch CCD type Sony ICX629(?)
  • Digic III image processor
  • DryOS operating system
  • Video Signal Processor: Sanyo LA7437 (TV-Out)
  • Lens: 38-132mm, 3.4x optical zoom, F/3.0-F/5.8 ND Filter (no aperture)
  • Display: 2.5" with 115,000 dots resolution
  • Storage: SD, SDHC, MMC, MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card
  • Power: 2x AA-size Batteries, approx. 400 shots (CIPA)
  • Dimensions: 4.13 x 2.17 x 1.60 inch (104.8 x 55.1 x 40.7mm), Weight: 5.82 oz. (165g) without batteries
  • For more information about the US version of this camera, see this page.
  • Canon A470 specification from dpreview.

Firmware information[]

There are four known firmware versions 1.00e, 1.01a, 1.01b, and 1.02c.

Per the CHDK FAQ 1.3

Without having USB connected to PC, power on in PLAY mode with ver.req file on SD card, press and hold FUNCSET, press ZOOM OUT to reveal the firmware version. For example:

Canon PowerShot A470
P-ID:317A NT D

Firmware Ver GM1.01B
Feb 12 2008 21:18:24

A subsequent press of ZOOM OUT (while still holding FUNCSET) reveals (for example):

Adj Ver.010.004

If you power on in PLAY mode without ver.req on the SD card and press the FUNCSET and ZOOM OUT buttons simultaneously, the screen shows:

Firmware Ver.

    [ OK ]

Subsequent presses of ZOOM OUT have no effect. One must press FUNCSET to clear the screen (i.e. answer the OK).

Using the filename vers.req with the above sequence will replace the IS Firm version output with the total number of shots taken by the camera to date.

Language Interface[]

Set mode switch to PLAYBACK. Hold down FUNCSET and press MENU, this will brings up a menu where you can change the language interface for the camera. Use the direction button to select the language and press FUNCSET to accept the selection.

Other button sequences don't seem to do anything.

CHDK Specialties[]

This section describes special CHDK-related things...

  • Starting with CHDK 1.2 (r2498), the On/Off button can optionally be used in <Alt> mode as Display button replacement (CHDK Settings -> ON/OFF button in <ALT> mode)

For developers[]

Firmware Update Menu Item[]

Create a file called PS.FI2 on the root of the SD card, power the A470 on in Play mode, and press the menu button.

The menu now shows an extra option:

Firm Update...

Firmware Dumps[]


Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

LED addresses[]

0xC0220080  AF LED
0xC0220084  Blue LED
0xC0220088  Orange state LED
0xC022008C  Green state LED


Note about the different Firmwares[]

Cameras with the 1.01a firmware can/must use the CHDK version for 1.01b - the autobuild already just copies this, so when you have a 1.01a cam you will find YOUR version in the autobuild. Development is happening in the 1.01b tree, then compiled and just renamed for the 1.01a people.