The Powershot A3100 IS with its 12.1 megapixel CCD sensor was released in January 2010.


CHDK is available for the A3100 / A3150 with firmware versions 1.00a, 1.00b, 1.00d from the Download page

Note: the Powershot A3150 IS has the same P-ID (31f1) as the A3100 IS, and in most respects is identical, however it has a slightly different firmware. This means that while it may be possible to attempt to load a CHDK build for the A3100 on the A3150, (the firmware udate function in the menu will see the CHDK update as valid) it probably wont boot, as firmware 1.00D of the A3100 is NOT the same as Firmware 1.00D for the A3150, comparing the strings and dissasembly suggests there would be problems. We should probably therefore treat the two cameras as separate models. It appears that from a CHDK perspective the two models (A3100 and A3150) are identical, and an Alpha version of CHDK for the A3100 ver 1.00D loads and runs perfectly on the A3150 ver 1,00D.


Technical Data[]

  • Digic III image processor
  • DryOS operating system
  • 12.1 megapixel CCD sensor, 1/2.3 inch (pixel density: 35 MP/cm²), new 12 bit type
  • Max resolution (JPEG): 4000 x 3000
  • 4x optical zoom lens 35-140mm (35mm equiv), F/2.7 - F/5.6
  • Image stabilization (lens shift-type)
  • Display: 2.7 inch vari-angle LCD, 230,000 pixels
  • no optical viewfinder
  • Video:640x480 @30fps, 320x240 @30fps, AVI (Motion JPEG + Wave, monaural) format, mini-USB, combined USB/AV plug
  • Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMCplus, HC MMCplus
  • Power: NB-8L rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Weight (without batteries): 125g, Dimensions: 97x58x28 mm

Firmware info[]

The ver.req file method is used to gather firmware information about this camera model.

Ver.req First Page Data: After holding down FUNCSET then press DISP:

US & Japan NTSC Version Header

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS
P-ID:31F1  NT D

European PAL Version Header

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS
P-ID:31F1  PAL D

Version GM1.00B

Firmware Ver GM1.00B (
Adj Ver.004.004
Serial No. 032021004948

Version GM1.00D

Firmware Ver GM1.00D (
Adj Ver.004.004
Serial No. 073023029185

Ver.req Second Page Data: After holding down FUNCSET then pressing DISP twice.

Version GM1.00D

Build: Mar 29 2010  13:50:43
E18 ZoomLensError
2011.11.30 20:51:11

Ver.req Third Page Data: After holding down FUNCSET then pressing DISP three times:

Version X.XX

Total Shoot: 191
Zoom Retry Count: 0
Mecha Condition: 0x00000000

Ver.req Third Page Data: After holding down FUNCSET then pressing DISP three times:

Version GM1.00D

Total Shoot: 1368
Zoom Retry Count: 4
Mecha Condition: 0x00000000

Vers.req Fourth Page Data: After holding down FUNCSET then pressing DISP three times:

Version GM1.00D

Mecha Firm Ver. 3.01
Mecha DSP Firm Ver. 1.03

Driver Info: 0x00000000

CHDK Specialties[]

This section describes special CHDK-related things...

  • <insert data here once CHDK is ported to this camera>

For Developers[]

General info:[]

  • DryOS v2.3, release #0043
  • IDA loading address: 0xFF810000

LED addresses[]

#define LED_POWER 	  0xC0220010
#define LED_AF		  0xC0220008 //There are 4 various addresses that used for AF LED control
#define LED_AF_ALT        0xC0220009
#define LED_AF_ALT_2      0xC022000A
#define LED_AF_ALT_3	  0xC022000B
#define WHITE_SCREEN	  0xC0220007 //WHITE_SCREEN "LED" powers on display with just white color (has 2 various addresses)
#define WHITE_SCREEN_ALT  0xC0220006
#define FLASH	          0xC022000C //FLASH "LED" shoots flash once

Available firmware dumps[]

  • A3100 IS Firmware dump fw 1.00B (8mb, dumped with reyalP's new CBasic udumper, by Ameglin / c10ud): zShare dl link
  • A3150 IS Firmware dump fw 1.00D (8mb, dumped with reyalP's new CBasic udumper, by andyhull dl link

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

Porting process & links[]

History & News on A3100IS:[]

  • (05-Jan-2010) Canon press release of new camera
  • (16-Aug-2010) fw 1.00b dumped
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