Canon Powershot A1000 IS


Alpha builds for fw 100a and 100b are available from the Download page

Specification from Digital Photography Review: Canon A1000 IS

Powershot A1000 IS Front

Powershot A1000 IS Back

Technical data

Release date:26 August 2008
Sensor CCD size:10.0 MP 1/2.3"
Lens (35mm equiv) zoom35-140, 4x
LCD size2.5-inch P-Si TFT 115,000 pixels
CardSD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus , HC MMCplus compatible
Size (mm)96 x 63 x 31
Weight (body)155 g

Inside this decent camera, the OS is the new DryOS, see also DryOS Porting.

Firmware info

Firmware information is given if ver.req exists on the SD.

In PLAY mode (with ver.req) press FUNCSET and DISP simultaneously:

Canon PowerShot A1000 IS
P-ID:318E  NT D

Firmware Ver GM1.00A
Jul  3 2008 17:06:02

Subsequent press of DISP (while still holding FUNCSET) reveals:

Adj Ver.007.010

After another subsequent press of DISP (while still holding FUNCSET) reveals:

Adj Ver.007.010
IS Firm Ver.  2.14
IS Param Ver.  2.08

For developers

Firmware Dump

  • Firmware 1.00A (extracted with CardTricks/udumper, by leecbaker): A1000 100a
  • Firmware 1.00B (by diabolo): A1000 100b

Download location for firmware dumps:
P&S firmware dumps mirror

LED memory adresses

#define AF 0xC02200c0    // AF-Beam (red)
 #define DP 0xC02200c4    // direct-print (blue)
 #define OR 0xC02200c8    // orange state-led (bi-state with green)
 #define GR 0xC02200cc    // green state-led (bi-state with orange)
 #define YE 0xC02200d0    // Yellow state-led


  • The forum thread for porting the A1000 is here: [1]