The 30D firmware (v.1.0.6) can be found on Canon's website: [Windows self-extracting] [Macintosh self-extracting]

-- gkuenning

Firmware contentEdit

Fir_tool 0.5 for 5D/30D/400D (9May2010)

fileLen = 0x48487d
---.fir header---
0x000: modelId = 0x80000234, (30D, VxWorks)
0x010: version = 1.0.6
---ciphered part (xor)---
 xor_decoding [0x20-0x48487d]... OK (0234_106_firmware.bin)
0x020: checksum = 0xe3f51364
 checksum computing [0x0-0x48487d]
0x1049b0: (+0x000) firmware checksum = 0xea54d964
 checksum computing [0x1049b4-0x48487d] is OK!
0x1049b4: number of files in the pack = 12
0x1049b8: offset to the file table = 0x18 (from 0x1049b0)
0x1049bc: header size = 0x1f8 (from 0x1049b0). end of header = 0x104ba8
0x1049c0: size of file table = 0x1e0 
0x1049c4: size after table = 0x37fcd5
0x1049a8: (+0x018) files table
0x1049c8: 0x0008  0x0001f8 0x01b040 BIND_RESOURCE                   
0x1049f0: 0x0003  0x01b238 0x3565c0 MAIN_FIRMWARE                   
0x104a18: 0x0004  0x3717f8 0x00000d ModelName                       
0x104a40: 0x0004  0x371805 0x000004 ModelID                         
0x104a68: 0x0004  0x371809 0x000005 FirmwareVersion                 
0x104a90: 0x0004  0x37180e 0x00000a ICUVersion                      
0x104ab8: 0x0004  0x371818 0x0001f8 FileSizeTable                   
0x104ae0: 0x0004  0x371a10 0x001b69 LensNameTbl                     
0x104b08: 0x0004  0x373579 0x000f2c AdjWbFix                        
0x104b30: 0x0004  0x3744a5 0x0045e4 CrwParam                        
0x104b58: 0x0004  0x378a89 0x00722c FlavorLutParam                  
0x104b80: 0x0004  0x37fcb5 0x000218 ColorAdjustDefaultAngel         
0x104ba8: (+0x1f8) end of table, first file
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